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    Putting in Roleplaying

    Miners of MORIA has been re-opened 39 days ago from a long drastic dead. We have come back just recently re opened and have got a great kin going!
    With more than 20 on at a time we have prepared to add a little spice to our kinship. We feel to put in Roleplaying into hte game and just recently we help a small Roleplaying in the server, got an army of about 30 people and we charged into chetwood south and into south guard ruins, anderath in bree-land to where we charged on the horn. Was awesome and plan to that much again even at maxed level if you are interested too!
    But we are going into a phase of planned RP, myself and a few kin members in our kin have experience in game play roleplaying and plan to Make Arkenstone have Roleplaying though there is very little now, we plan to make it big on it, get people interested as if we were doing board and dice type of game.

    If you are interested you can send me a message in game gavinsem/shistar or look for any officer of Mieners of MORIA on advice how to sign up for Roleplaying(RP) with us. If you have experience and want to help host events in RP, please contact, we would love to meet with you about it!

    It is much fun and you can ask around people for those who partake in a roleplaying sequence in this game or any games such of.

    You can also check out minersofmoria.wetpaint.com (we are soon to change to a new self made site, but still using this one also). Or message me for the minersofmoria gmail account and if you want to send any screenshots of Roleplaying we will be happy to post on this game and show the server How much FUN roleplaying is!!

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    Re: Putting in Roleplaying

    Good for you bringing this to Arkenstone! Best of luck to you, and I might have to look into joining in myself sometime.

    The Darkhorse will rise.

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    Re: Putting in Roleplaying

    I love the idea to bring more RP into Arkenstone. So I am interested But uhm, your kinship name sounds quiet ... dwarfy. Are we skinny elfs welcome as well?



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