Staddle Farmhand Auxiliary

Kinship Background Story

Staddle, A Village Of Old Settlement Of Hobbits Now Is In Danger From The Brigands Of Chetwood And Goblins Of Midgewater Marshes,Now Decided To Take Up Arms And Formed A Auxiliary For Their Small Village, An Auxiliary Composed Of Farmers, Traders And Merchants And Some Sort Of Folks Who Have A Common Cause, To Keep Brigands A Bay From Ruining Their Crops And Farm lands. But Not like Most Militia And Town Watch, The Auxiliary Of Staddle Have Other Things To Do Interms Of Patroling Around Staddle And Keeping The Small Village Safe, As Farmer's Trader's and Merchants They Also Need To Head To Bree Or Combe To Sell Raw Materials OR Finished Products, Sometimes Goes Fishing For Them To Have Food For Their Table At Home Or Just Simply For Rations To Be Given To The Village Patrol And For The Auxiliary. From Time to Time They Would Held A Festivity Event Around Staddle Such Events Would Be Dancing And Singing, Telling Stories Or Just To Mainly Get Drunk Or Have A Full Stuffed Belly A Merry Making After A Hard Days Work And Patrolling Around The Small Village.

Ways Of Recruitment

This Are Some Options How You Can Join Or Be Recruited

1.Bree Mess Hall, You Can Find Idaleb Thornton There, Just Approach Him And Tell Him You're Interested To Join The Farmhands Auxiliary

2.Head Mainly To Staddle And Check Any Farms For Idaleb Thornton

3.He Sometimes Sells Pie In Traders Square You May Approach Him There

4.Of Course Prancing Pony Every Farmer And Vendor Needs Sometime To Rest And Drink Ale

5.If You Can't Find Idaleb Thornton In Any Said Places Just Simple Send Him An In Game Mail Stating The Following, Name, Surname If You Have, Race, Crafting Profession, And A Simple Bio About You're Self (Character)
He Would Be Glad To Accept Anyone Who's Happy And Interested To Join Him

Kinship Theme

Staddle Farmhand Auxiliary Is Kin Focused On Light Rp Using And Will Be Using Dwarf Kinship Title, Alos Have A Theme Of A Military/Tradesman Based On Staddle. As One Of The Farmhands We Do Trading And Merchant Stuff Around Towns, Ex: When Idaleb Thornton Is Not Patroling Around Staddle He Makes Drinks And Pies To Sell Around Bree To Make Few Pennies For Living and To Sustain Funds For The Auxiliary. You Dont Need To Be A Yeoman Or A Farmer For You To Join, All You Need Is That You're A Crafter, Trader, And With A Sense Of A Military Character, May He Be Old And Retired Or A Young Aspiring Captain.

Kinship Information

A Light Rp Kinship Based Mainly On Staddle Village To Patrol And Keep Staddle Safe, But Visits Bree And Combe To Do Trades or Sell Crafted Goods And Do Vending Around Town
Currently Looking For Interested Peeps Around To Be An Officer Or A Kin Member, Open To All Levels And Race
Trader/Merchant/Vendor Uniform: Any Common Trousers Or Common Cosmetics, Dye With Black (Optional)
Patrol/Village Guard: Chain Hauberk And Chain Cloak hooded Or Not
Kinship Rank: One, Newly Formed
Kinship Based In Laurelin Server

Currently It Only Has Idaleb Thornton And Needs Members, All Are Free To Open Up Opinions Suggestions And Advice For The Better Of The Kin, The Kin Aims Not Just To Make Staddle Active As An Rp Place But Also To Do Active Trade And Commerce Around The Server, Since FP2 Users Cannot Use Coins Or Pennies For Trading If Ecountered Via Trade With Suggest They Offer Good Items Or Materials To Trade With The Items They Want Just To Be Fair With The Value Of The Item Traded. Military Farmhands Will Be Supplied By Food And Drinks

Singed By:
Lord Idaleb Thornton
Father/Lord Staddle Farmhand Auxiliary