My dear hobbits, elves, dwarfs, and men, if you are looking for a good casual, easy going kinship,helpful rank 10 kin. Well look no further we have one for you....Dances with Wargs. We like to think of ourselves as all that and more, we do raids as often as the kinship wants, but mainly we are a social kin looking for good players of all races, classes and sexes. Whither you are new to the game or a level 95 and in search of a kinship try us, if not well satisfied with our kin we will sadly let you go on your merry way, after first asking what about the kin that you do not like and if possible trying to fix it. So if you do decide to join us and looking for a way, please notify myself Himm, leader, Janu or Littlehawk my alts or any officer, member (who will put you in touch with an officer) on line for your recruitment. Thanks and have a great day

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Himm, Leader

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