I had an interesting thing happen. I have not played on Windfola for over a year (five year closed beta founder here). I logged in to play with some old RL friends on the server. I soon found all my alts on Windfola had nothing, nada in their vaults. In addition, all my vaults had only 30 slots, even though most alts on Windfola were level 65 SM craftsmen, and had enough gold to afford at least the 45 silver to upgrade the vault (lol).

All the gold was there, and even my shared slots were there (with mithril flakes, and shards, along with other easily sold stuff). So I wasn't hacked. The cosmetic slots were empty as well.

My vaults on Riddermark and Gladden (even longer since I played on Gladden) were fine. Everyting there. I filed a ticket, explaining the problem. I got a response saying that they would have to look into it and would email me.

Today I got a "ticket closed" response, since my "account was not compromised". Duh. I told them that.

I filed a second ticket, yelling a lot, and had a GM contact me fast in game (within a minute or two). I talked to him and he said he would escalate. I quickly got a tell from a "senior GM" name -+Geneva+ almost immediately.

Geneva told me they had logs only 7 days back, and there was nothing he could do. Surprise there! He told me that there had NEVER been a report with these symptoms before.

I told him that my wife reported the same thing yesterday (and gave him the ticket number). My son's account on Windfola has the same problem. The GM responded with silence.

I hate not only having this problem, but being blatently lied to by a senior GM is just in excuseable.

I digress. Has anyone seen this symptom? I can't believe that our family had 3 out of 3 accounts with this problem and that no one else has ever seen it.