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    thinking of transferring my character here

    questions are mostly do ppl accept u applications for kins is there a pug for raids .is there a consistent ppl playing this game not just there alts .the more ppl the less likely the server will die like the one im trying to leave.thank u for responses in advance

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    Post Re: thinking of transferring my character here

    I don't recommend This server if you're looking for high activity..this server's full of washed up elitist, f2p trolls, kins full of inactive players and a mythical pvp zone. BUT ITS MY HOME and I WOULDNT TRADE IT FER DA WERLD

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    Re: thinking of transferring my character here

    Quote Originally Posted by DieEvenHarder View Post
    I traded it for $25.

    People transfer off Firefoot. Not to Firefoot.
    <--- washed up elitist

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    Re: thinking of transferring my character here

    Well Firefoot is awesome as far as the people go but going by your post you come from a small server already and seem like you want to be in a "big city" so I'd recommend something like Elendilmir just for that reason, my brother and cousin play there and really like it but they are more for the bigger servers so for them it works out nicely... Personally I love it here and have no regrets playing on this server, it's not the most populated but it's fun and the players are interesting - have made some good friends here, and there are some very skilled raiding kinships. It's not so overpopulated that you get lost in the crowd either . But wherever you go goodluck!
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    Re: thinking of transferring my character here

    i wouldnt, as the second poster said its mostly trolls, elitists, ftp haters, and people who come on for 15 minutes join a raid then go afk and if you manage to get in a pug raid wihtout afkers then it will wipe so much your repair bill will be at least 1g

    but i still like it! once you get past the trolls the general public is nice enough, i suggest elendilmir



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