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    Brandywine down, Brandywine down!!! Down again... feed the hamster please...

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    Mine's updated again.

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    Gilrain still not fixed

    Quote Originally Posted by GTDoug View Post

    i levelled one of my ALTs yesterday (after months of not bothering) ... he shows his new level in the Lotteries today!


    My main, who has been levelling regularly hasn't updated for months.

    Server = Gilrain.
    Charachter = Endelwulf (should show level 66)

    My main, Endelwulf (on Gilrain) is now level 73.

    Still showing as level 25 (and has been for ages!)


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    Thumbs down

    7.4 broke Brandywine's updating. Lasvacar, burglar, turned 55 before the server went down, is listed as 49 in the lotto's.
    http://dailystats.theblackappendage.com/ has Brandywine marked as red (down) as well.

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    This topic is a little old, but still the problem is the same. My main character level don't update in almost two weeks, while my alts level seems to update without issues. I play on Dwarrowdelf.

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    Gilrain not updating for a while now...

    Darkenbrow should be 48 not 34
    Endelwulf should be 78 not 25
    Tulipbell should be 45 not 27

    Oddly... one of the others Langwod seems to update every time he levels (which isn't very often).



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