Victorious Secret is going to be starting raiding prior content in April (preferably sooner if more peope join). The plan is to start with Isen instances and working towards the meta deed. After that we are planning on hitting Mirkwood, Moria, and even The Rift. Groups will also be looking at grinding area rep in groups and many other deed groups. Our players are on at all different times and im looking at recruiting groups for all times to accomodate the many players who will want in on this. For the Isen raids our only requirement is a lvl 75 character be put in the kin. For most others we only require lvl 50 or above. Any lvl can join the kin....those are just requirements to join for specific raids. I will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have. Recruiting officers are Belrani, Aglathion, Eldariniel, Heywood, Haavik, and Angelusletum.