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    Housing items Bind on Account PLEASE!

    11 Characters, 1 house.. do you have any idea how long it takes to log through all characters to change a single housing item?

    Come on - surely this is an easy one to fix?

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    Re: Housing items Bind on Account PLEASE!

    I concur, it's very frustrating to have to have characters who need to store housing items in their bank due to binding and also to be merrily playing on one character doing house stuff and decide to change a house item, only to find it is bound to a character who is currently logged off halfway across the world in the middle of a questline... *sigh*
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    Re: Housing items Bind on Account PLEASE!

    Massive /sign on this one!

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    Re: Housing items Bind on Account PLEASE!

    I couldn't agree more. What difference does it make which character has the housing item anyway? It isn't like a level 10 alt can do anything with a Tentacle of Helchgam housing trophy that makes him OP in any way. Same goes for cosmetics. If you want to bind them, bind them to account.

    I'm also still annoyed that they bound things like the Inn League Keg and the Inn League taxidermy items. My lvl low level RK became the proud owner of a Bear with Pie and Mug statue one day and it's stuck in his vault.

    I hate the new Edit Signature functionality

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    Bound to acct vs character would be very helpful.

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    Re: Housing items Bind on Account PLEASE!

    This is exactly why I came to the forums today ... to start a thread about bind to account housing trophies!
    Clearly I'm not the only one frustrated, that I have to first decide what to 'remove'/send to 'someone's escrow', test out how the new item might look there, then log into several characters to find out which the original item was bound to, or who has what in their vault. There is no way to switch out your trophies in less than hours when you have several alts and don't recall who has what bound to whom.
    I just want to have one character come to the house, pick up and move items around... it's to the point now that I don't even want to bother!
    Please make them bound to account.

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    Thumbs up Re: Housing items Bind on Account PLEASE!

    /signed gladly

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    Re: Housing items Bind on Account PLEASE!

    /Signed as well. I've brought this up as well. My house looks like a disorganized hunting lodge at the moment from old school SoA. Everything seems to be bound to one character or another (9 Mains and 8 Mules), and between Boss trophies and Festival goodies, most of which are Bound to Character, I've all but given up on my house other than filling its chests with useful items and then opening it up to kinmates to pick through periodically.

    I love Fluff, the immersion Turbine has created with a downright awesome Middle-earth represention is what keeps me coming back. End-game raids are fun and all, but as a Lifer from Beta, if I had to maintain a subscription to continue playing this would be a major step backwards for me to carry on. I've bought several TP packages on sale since F2P, as well as preordering expansions as they're announced. Show some love for those of us who don't dwell in basements mastering raids 17/hours every day If it's literally an all-day affair just to redecorate a house that, literally, may only be seen by a half dozen people, ever (Who actually runs around neighborhoods regularly just to view houses in the current state?), I never had a chance to be in the running for the last batch of GM awards.

    Please make housing items Bound to Account if they really need to be bound at all. If we're limited to ONE HOUSE PER ACCOUNT, what harm is there allowing any characters ON THAT ACCOUNT to spend game time redecorating once in a while? I'd love to change things up every season, but it's not worth spending an entire game session doing so.
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    Re: Housing items Bind on Account PLEASE!

    Concur wholeheartedly. Ideally housing items should not be bound at all. Apart from that, they should be strictly bound to account.
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    Re: Housing items Bind on Account PLEASE!


    Couldn't agree more. It gets hard to remember who owns what for a altaholic, also it's frustrating when a low level is way out in the bush doing quests when I want to change things. It gets harder when you have multiple accounts collecting as well.
    *Shudders at the thought of the future mess a year down the road.

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    Re: Housing items Bind on Account PLEASE!


    If the house is per-account, all housing items should be, too.

    Please? Thanks Turbine!



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