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    Good server or time to change before to far in? ( Aus players )

    Currently my friend and myself play on this server. He is a hunter 26, myself 28 captian and we both are from Austraila.

    However since playing we have only come across to 3 other players and no chat in any zones... We join the instance finder every time we join the game but have never done an instance..

    We where tempted to buy helms deep but that doesnt really change any of the above.

    Loving the game and we have a ball! but would like to interact with other players and do the content we missing...

    Advice please? new server? missing something?


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    I don't know how long you guys have been playing, I'm guessing by the levels only a few weeks at most. I think the problem has mostly to do with timing, you've come into the game shortly before the release of a new expansion (a notoriously slow time for any MMO), and the release of the Helm's Deep expansion means that almost no one is playing in the lower level zones at the moment. Elendilmir has a fairly healthy population and by far the highest percentage of Aussies of any server. Hang around a while longer, find yourself a good kin (Aurora Australis is a good Aussie kin which is always accepting new members http://site.aaogc.com.au/ ). As you level up and find yourself in more highly populated zones you'll see that the server is not quite the ghost town you have found it to be so far

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    I've been playing on elendilmir ever since beta and even back then all the aussies gathered together and decided to make this the unofficial oceanic server

    so you've come to the right place, just what has been stated before, its an old server and most people are playing in the upper levels
    but if you persist you will see a lot of people!
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    Also, as far as chat, are you on the glff channel? I only occasionally see a comment on /regional or others, but glff always has at least a few people chatting and generally >100 logged on (more on weekends).
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