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    Stragglers and Strangers looking to boost their numbers - AU/NZ kinship

    Well, the title says it all. Stragglers and Strangers are looking for a few new faces to boost our numbers. We're an Australian/New Zealand timezone kinship, so if you're tired of logging on and having nobody to group with or even just to talk to, you may like to give us a go.

    We are a primarily social/levelling kinship, but we do go in and give the instances a go. We're pretty keen on skirmishes too. We've got a bunch of crazy dedicated crafters who can make all sorts of shiny things; and there are a couple of us who are mad about the faffy fun stuff like housing, festivals and cosmetics/costumes. We're not huge, but we're helpful.

    If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, please get in touch with one of our officers: Rezah, Rhutilia, Rois, Dazza, Lunkweed, Ocy or Oceano.

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    Re: Stragglers and Strangers looking to boost their numbers - AU/NZ kinship

    How about stranglers?

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    Re: Stragglers and Strangers looking to boost their numbers - AU/NZ kinship

    We don't talk about those. o_O

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    Re: Stragglers and Strangers looking to boost their numbers - AU/NZ kinship

    Just bumping this back up a bit

    I'm sure other kinships are having a bit of a quiet time thanks to That Other Game, but if you're in a AU/NZ timezone and want some company running around Middle-Earth, give us a yell.

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    Another bump, and a bit of a change to our active officers. If you're wanting to have a chat to us, look up Lunkweed, Melgorond, Talehael, Rezah, Rois, or Baneberry. Always happy to welcome newcomers and help people out

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    Bumping this back up a bit.

    Interested, our current active officers are Rezah, Rhutilia, Rois, Narielwen, Melgorond and Talehael. Or just send a /tell to any of our kinmates and they will point you in the right direction.

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    interested in joining Au timezone kinship

    I am new to this lotro and just started playing on crickhollow server. I have hard times to get fellowship and so much go learn like crafting, gear etc.phow can i join you. Please send character name to which i can send in game message and then you can invite me for kinship.

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    Celebrating 2 years

    The Stragglers and Strangers have just celebrated our 2nd Birthday.

    Much thanks to Rezah and her able assistants in organising a great weekend the highlights of which were the Bree Land Triathalon and the Shire Scavenger Hunt.

    Two years ago there was a a thread bemoaning the lack of Aus/NZ timezone Kinships. Rezah took it upon herself to get this kin started. I am proud to have been a part of this friendly and helpful kin.

    Looking forward to more celebrations as time rolls on but in the mean time if you play in the Aus/NZ timeslot look us up. We are always keen to see some new faces.

    Send a message to Rezah, Rhutilia, Rois, Narielwen, Keriawen, Lunkweed or Melgorond in game.




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