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    Level 18 elf runekeeper looking for kinship

    Im a rather new player, and someone that does not know anyone that plays LOTRO. Needless to say, it makes the game more difficult and boring to not have anyone to do things with. So I am looking for a kinship that can help me with quests, and other things to help me to level, so in return I can help others when they need it. I want a kinship that does activites and things I can participate in. Just that kind of stuff.


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    Re: Level 18 elf runekeeper looking for kinship

    Well first of all welcome to middle earth and the server Imladris!! The Outlaws kin is always accepting
    new members whether they are new to the game or not. Currently we have a lot of members who are new to the game or have returned to the game. For more information check out these links:



    if you think that this kin might suit you, then feel free to give me or any other officer a ingame tell/mail. Or reply on this thread with telling me your characters name so i can add him/her to friendslist
    R14 Defiler Ezmoding, R12 warleader Hydraah, R12 reaver Lubshag, R12 warg Landvaettir, R15 hunter Pewpewboom,
    R10 guardian Baforin, R9 hunter Baflo, R9 captain Adalwic

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    Re: Level 18 elf runekeeper looking for kinship

    Wellcome to LOTRO!
    Im am Winterwolf, The Recruitment officer of the Guard Of The Citadel kin.
    We are a Roleplaying kinship devoted to fun and immersion

    Guard of the Citadel is a roleplaying kinship on the Imladris server.
    We have a website dedicated to the Kin where most of our Roleplaying goes on and Important Infomation is posted. It is located at: gotclotr.webs.com.
    We are a Lifespan 10 Kinship with our own Kin house in the Breelands Homesteads and a Number Of Friendly Officers Who are regularly on the Site and LOTRO to assist you.
    We are Devoted to immersion, both our own and that of other players.
    The Guard is a friendly, casual Kinship that recruits primarily from the race of men.
    Members of Guard of the Citadel take up the roles of Minas Tirith's elite, sent from the city out into the world in search of adventure, resources, allies, or folly. Each soldier may have a different mission, given unto him in Denethor's slowly maddening state.
    Even so, two things unite them: Loyalty to their kingdom and devotion to the free peoples of Middle Earth.

    Guard of the Citadel accepts Dwarves and Elves, though positions will be limited for members of other races. #Primarily, Gondor is the greatest kingdom of men, and the race of men serves almost exclusively amidst it's military orders, although there are some of the other races who have rose to high ranks in the guard, including myself.
    Hobbits are not permitted to join Guard of the Citadel, as a consideration for Peregrin Took's unique place in Middle Earth history as the only halfling member ever permitted to join the Guard of the Citadel.

    The Guard also have their own Uniform that doesn't require any specific class, race or level to be worn.
    We have Kinship meetings are held every month or so in the Kinship house and Are announced via both the Ingame post and Kinship Message of The Day but also on the Site.

    What we're looking for in members are intelligence and honesty.
    We'll take anyone who wishes to join, provided they're sincere about wishing to roleplay and learning the lore of the world, However all applicants must be interviewed by an officer to judge their roleplay ability and general attitude and friendliness. If you seem like a nice person and have a basic to good roleplay ability you are almost guaranteed a position in the kin!
    We wish to be inclusive. #No one is obligated to donate anything to the kinship or it's members, nor are they obligated to take part in any other member's individual story arcs. However they are strongly encouraged to participate on the Kin roleplay that is on the site and in most major kinship gatherings.
    If your interested in joining the kin ingame mail either Me (Winterwolf Wolfheart) or one of our other officers:
    Or our Kin Master, Alcare.
    Safe Journey and Happy Hunting!
    Winterwolf Wolfheart, Officer Of The Guard Of The Citadel Kinship.

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    Re: Level 18 elf runekeeper looking for kinship

    The Tarciryan Knights is a friendly, all-around kinship that's been around for a year and a half. We do some raiding, group play, roleplaying, questing, crafting, etc and like to make tons of alts. It's a small, social group. We are always happy to recruit new players because our kin members like being able to answer questions for people.

    Check out our new kin website and if you're interested and think we would fit what you're looking for, you can apply on there or send me a message in game. http://tarciryanknights.enjin.com/home
    Pierced by the friendship of the mortal races.

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    Re: Level 18 elf runekeeper looking for kinship

    Hi Michael,

    Looks like you've got some options here, which is great! Another option to consider in looking for a kin that's a good fit for you is Defenders Of Serenity . We're a family-friendly kin that focuses on 3 things: clean kin chat, no drama or immaturity, and having loads of fun questing, crafting, and playing the game together. We enjoy helping one another and answering questions about the game - the kin leaders are both level 75 Runekeepers, so I'm sure you could learn a ton about playing that technical class!

    More info about the kin can be found on our kin site and in our recruiting thread.

    Or feel free to message/mail Sorrenbor, Morragwen, or Brevothin in-game. We'd be happy to help you see if this is the right kin for you.

    Happy gaming!
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