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    Lightbulb Yet Another Hunter Revamp Suggestion, Part 2: Skills, More Traits, and LIs

    I posted on the forums earlier discussing possible changes to hunter stances and itemization. To bring you up to speed for this post, I suggested that Hunters receive four stances:

    “Fox”: All CC becomes fully available.
    “Eagle”: Kiting stance.
    “Boar”: Range tank/survivability stance.
    “Lynx.” Combination of dps stances.

    I’ve given a lot of consideration to hunter skills – what we can use, what doesn’t work, what hasn’t scaled. In this suggestion set, I focused on several themes:

    -Poorly scaled skills/poorly updated skills.
    -Focus issues and lack of single-target rotation skills (currently five in a consistent single-target rotation).
    - Adding variety to Hunter gameplay.
    -Fellowship wide buffs/Target debuffs. Utility to raids. Improved aggro management.
    -Trait/skill balance and utility of buffs.

    I did list some ideas that have been suggested elsewhere on the hunter forums, so I can’t take credit for all of them. Many people have been discussing ideas about what could have improved the hunter, but this is a fairly comprehensive summarization of those ideas and mine. Please remember that these are simply *suggestions*. Additionally, merging traits and LI legacies would leave room for improvements of both skills and stance that I have suggested.

    I based some of the debuffing ideas off of the debuffs given to RKs, if anyone has any more appropriate suggestions for debuffs, please don’t hesitate to chime in. The debuffs will "tier" up with every use. I suggest this because many times hunters will use the same shot more than once (I know I've accidentally used Barbed Arrow a few times while the bleed was still up), so using them more often should stack.

    Modified existing skills:

    Melee Skills: All melee skills will have animations and cast times modified to provide smoother transition between melee and bow skills. All melee skills will increase focus to varying degrees, encouraging alternation between melee and bow skills. Current melee buffs are ok, should scale upwards when in “Eagle” stance.

    “Blindside”: Cooldown decreased to 15s. Interrupt at the beginning of animation. Focus increase kept.

    Ranged Skills:

    “Merciful Shot”: Will now be modified by oils. Will have no induction and scale to current Heartseeker levels (2.5k non-crit), with high critical payout. +3000 effective finesse for the shot. (As per RK’s Epic Conclusion).

    “Hunter’s Art”: Will now be modified by oils. Induction reduced. Mobs will not aggro until induction is finished. With change of stances, no need to change effects with stance. Therefore, becomes a stackable ‘tiered writ’ effect. Builds focus instead of consuming it.

    - Tier 1 - +5% damage, -5% power costs.
    - Tier 2 – +10% damage, -10% power costs, +5% critical chance.
    - Tier 3 - +15% damage, -15% power costs, +10% critical chance.

    With yellow trait, can become a fellowship-wide buff. Could perhaps be modified with an LI legacy.

    “Split Shot”: Changed to “Trick Shot”. Will now be modified by oils. Has a shorter induction, and crit for around 1.5k. Upon a hit, will make mobs immune to CC vulnerable to CC (all kinds – including burglar CJs) for a 30 second window.

    “Barbed Arrow”: Effects stack with every use. Decreases target’s finesse and tactical resist rating with every bleed. Full debuff from stealth. (Can be yellow traited to be more powerful)

    “Blood Arrow”: Will now be modified by oils.

    “Heartseeker”: Will now be modified by oils. Induction reduced and current damage increased (mine currently consistently hits for a non-crit 2k, should non-crit for about 3.5-4k), with longer cooldown. Will be focus-gated.

    “Improved Quick Shot”: Grants two focus, with chance to apply third pip of focus.


    “Cry of the Predator”: Fears beasts. In “Fox Stance,” modified to fear all types of targets.

    “Campfire”: OOC buffs increased to twice the current regen food amount. When traited (either a yellow line trait, or as a three/four yellow trait bonus), “Campfire” becomes “Herbal Campfire.” “Herbal Campfire” will be available in combat, providing an in-combat power regen bonus.

    “Improved Camouflage”: Current: +1 stealth, standing still only. Change: +10 stealth while standing still, +1 stealth and decreased movement speed while moving. Can be modified with stealth items. Initial shot from damage will receive damage bonus and provide full initial debuff to the enemy.

    “Beneath Notice”: Removes all (not just perceived) threat for 30 seconds. -50% threat buff for 1 minute. With trait, adds “Stealth” buff to hunter so that all debuffs will automatically upgrade to full. Can be modified with a legacy.

    “Purge Poison”: Becomes fellowship wide. Upon use, gives fellowship +1000 resistance rating for 15s.

    “Track”: Heightened senses becomes innate. Able to track all stealthed mobs.

    “Find the Path”: OOC speed increase to 21% (same as with modified legacy). Changed to provide base +5% in-combat speed increase fellowship-wide, modifiable with melee legacy. (Coffee provides the same effects in-combat, so in-combat speed increase is becoming more common.)

    “Press Onward”: Changed to a bubble granting some morale, power, and full focus upon expiration.

    “Needful Haste”: Duration lengthened, no induction setback becomes part of the skill and removed from trait list. With trait: Provides the group with –induction times, no setbacks for length of buff.

    “Strength of the Earth”: Becomes an immediate heal (perhaps with short animation), with +parry chance for 30s.

    “Snare”: Damage increased, slows target for 30s.

    “Intent Concentration”: Add innate power return. With trait, provide defensive bonuses – buff to crit defense and mitigations for a short time.

    New Skills:

    “Find Weakness”: “A hunter knows the weaknesses of its prey.” Scans targets like a Loremaster, but bringing up the types of damage and resistance values, as well as CC-ability. Slight (2%?) debuff to all types of damage for 45s. (Reason: Ever tried to solo an elite, then find out during the course of the fight that it’s immune to CC? Additionally, for a class that relies on damage type so heavily, it is important to know what type of damage is appropriate for bosses.)

    “Arrow of Fury”: “A hunter gains strength from its enemies.” Causes strong bleed and morale leech. Focus-gated, relatively long cooldown. On critical or devastating hit, will produce “knockdown effect” on mobs.

    “Befuddling Shot”: “Your target cannot tell from where it is getting shot, confusing it.” Focus shot, relatively longish cooldown. Tiered debuff of +attack duration, +induction time. Initial shot from stealth gives full debuff. Increased through the yellow line.

    “Infuriating Shot”: Induction shot, increases focus. Reduces physical and tactical mitigation of the target by a certain percentage (tiered). Initial shot from stealth gives full debuff. This becomes greatly increased through the yellow line.

    “Weakening Shot”: Costs focus. Increases target’s power cost and reduces their incoming healing (tiered). Initial shot from stealth gives full debuff. Increased through yellow line.

    “Arrow to the Knee” – Instant ranged interrupt. Cost to power, does not affect focus. Removes three corruptions from target.

    “Companion’s Faith”: Transfers aggro to your target.


    Red: Traiting deeper into red will buff flat ranged damage, while decreasing threat.

    1. Barbed Fury: CHANGE: Apply bleed bonus to both Barbed Arrow and Arrow of Fury.
    2. Hail of Arrows: (ADD current Blue: Arrow Storm: Critical resets CD of RoA and SS.)
    3. Swift and True: CHANGE: +10% (from 8%) Swift Bow Damage, +15% Improved Swift Bow 3rd Damage
    4. True Shot: CHANGE: -15% (from 8%) Penetrating Shot Mitigation.
    5. Swift Mercy: CHANGE: Allows use of Merciful Shot before half-health of mob. +50% MS Crit Mult., -1 Focus Cost.
    6. REMOVE: Critical Eye. (Focus on traiting to add critical chance, the trait was never scaled well.)
    7. Strong Draw: MOVED: Damage of Penetrating Shot and Blood Arrow increased by 10%.
    8. Straight Aim: +critical chance of “Arrow of Fury.”

    Blue: Traiting deeper into blue would provide net decreases in power consumption and induction speed (pre-ROI levels).

    1. MOVED: Fast Draw: -inductions for Barbed Arrow and Swift Bow.
    2. Earthborn: CHANGE: Trait adds more parry rating, add crit defense and resistance rating.
    3. Resolute Aim: CHANGE: No setback added to Needful Haste. Changed to -1 focus cost for all focus shots.
    4. Deep Concentration: ”: Adds defensive bonuses – buff to crit defense and mitigations for a short time.
    5. Rapid Recovery: Melee skills recover more quickly. CHANGE: Adds to base damage of melee skills.

    Yellow: (ALL trap-related traits removed.) Traiting deeper into yellow would buff finesse and critical rating.

    1. MOVED: Shot Through the Heart: CHANGE: When any debuffing skill is active, Heartseeker will consume the debuff to do more damage.
    2. Barbed Hindrance: Slow added to Barbed Arrow. Increased damage and debuff.
    3. Heightened Senses: CHANGE: Stealth tracking made innate. Changed to “Determination” – Increases length of all debuffs.
    4. Stealthy Shot: When “Beneath Notice” is active, hunters receive the “Stealth” buff so that for the duration of BN, all debuffs applied will be full-tier.
    5. Herbal Campfire: Campfire becomes available in-combat and provides in-combat power restore.
    6. Persistance: +15s CC duration, -cooldown time for CC skills.
    7. Weaken Enemy: While a bleed is active on a target, debuff skills will consume bleed to tier up twice the amount.
    6. Hunter’s Mastery: Hunter’s Art becomes a fellowship-wide buff.
    7. Improved Needful Haste: Provides fellowship-wide buff with –inductions and no setbacks for duration.

    Legendary Items:

    Ranged Pool A:

    MERGE: Bow Power Cost
    MERGE: Bow Critical Multiplier
    UPDATE/MERGE: Ranged Skill Block/Evade: Change to Finesse (as per RK changes.)
    Strength Quick Shot Slow: (would have to be changed with stance changes.)
    Quick Shot Critical
    Merciful Shot Cooldown.

    Ranged Pool B:

    Endurance Quick Shot Threat Down: Change with stance changes.
    MERGE: Induction/Focus Threat Down
    Distracting Shot Resistance Penetration
    Burn Hot Damage
    Heartseeker Damage

    For Melee weapons, no major changes of note.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Re: Yet Another Hunter Revamp Suggestion, Part 2: Skills, More Traits, and LIs

    Some great ideas in there ^^ hope they at least read this
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    Re: Yet Another Hunter Revamp Suggestion, Part 2: Skills, More Traits, and LIs


    It's good that you're taking a look at their melee skills too.

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    Re: Yet Another Hunter Revamp Suggestion, Part 2: Skills, More Traits, and LIs

    Quote Originally Posted by slflew View Post
    bla bla bla
    and then you realized you where dreaming..... rofl

    I want my revenge skill to be aoe 5 enemies and do 100% crit 6k on all 5 enemies radius 30 meters no cooldown
    and to be used on freeps having less than 50% morale
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    Re: Yet Another Hunter Revamp Suggestion, Part 2: Skills, More Traits, and LIs

    actually, i think something like "find weakness" would be best incorporated into a buff applied when tracking a target via our three out of combat tracking skills. it could be a 60 second debuff to the target, allowing time to find the tracked target from wherever we tracked it from. as long as the tracking skills could somehow become "marks" while we were in combat.

    hunters have the largest arsenal of out-of-combat skills of any class, not including our fellowship ports and warden musters. it would be nice if some of them could apply some sort of in-combat usage as well.

    track 2-legs
    track 4-legs
    track paranormals
    set trap
    set snare
    focus/ improved focus
    fellowship run buff
    bright campfire

    on second thought, maybe our non-port out-of-combat skills outnumbers warden musters too!
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    Re: Yet Another Hunter Revamp Suggestion, Part 2: Skills, More Traits, and LIs

    Dream on

    this thread will be ignored (as always)

    nothing will be done.

    hunters will continue to be given "carrot" skills like split shot

    hunters will be warg food (how else will creeps get their ranks? we'r the fall guy for freeps)

    we will be given set bonuses that make no sense.

    unfortunately some people who are responsible for the hunter class are refusing to give hunter a major revamp because of the illusion that hunter is "doing its job" and that we are all whining ninnies that just want it all. that we want to be something we're not.

    i have news:

    99.5% of hunters say there is something wrong. SOMETHING WRONG.

    do something


    nothing solid-affirmative-concrete-strong-comprehensive has been done since ROI, heck since mirk, nay moria, perhaps ever, to improve hunter solo ability being jumped or jumping someone in the moors.

    and for U6 i was expecting something. some many upgrades to classes that dont need changes half as much.

    and now we'r roast chicken

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    Re: Yet Another Hunter Revamp Suggestion, Part 2: Skills, More Traits, and LIs


    I have to say that I like this proposal a lot, esp. the changes the yellow and red traits. Would make the class a lot more interesting than simply having to choose between red/blue or gimp-cc. The split-shot sounds a tad OP, but the overall framework you offer makes it sound very interesting (also, I don't have RK, so difficult to compare).

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    Even though it's been a year since I posted this thread, I still think that it goes along the lines of what hunters have been talking about wanting.

    As a result, I'm bumping this for the 'Month of the Hunter,' as Lendas suggested, since anything I'd suggest would be along these lines anyways.

    Let me know what you think!

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