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    Unhappy Lotro launcher Connection Problem

    I have been experiencing this problem with the Lotro launcher, “The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server.” I have looked into other forum posts and the turbine help page but none of the solutions suggested have worked for me. I have removed then allowed Lotro through my firewall, I have tried changing the proxy settings, and I tried installing .NET framework 1.1 and 1.1 sp1. I even did a clean uninstall of the game then reinstalled it. Nothing seems to be working. I’ve greatly enjoyed playing lotro and haven’t had any problems like this before but now all I get is the message “The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server.” It is very frustrating.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    If it helps at all this problem first started when I was letting the launcher update (the most recent one) and when the launcher restarted because of the update is when I first started having this problem. The strange thing is that lotro still works on my brother’s laptop no problem.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Lotro launcher Connection Problem

    I don't know much about .net framework, but Microsoft recommends uninstalling .net 1.1 with a .net cleanup tool...
    Also, it seems the .net things need a working copy of Internet Explorer to work. I may have read that LOTRO isn't compatible with IE9. However, i've seen a lot of reports of LOTRO working well with Windows 7. You might try making IE9 the Default Browser if you have it. Another idea, clean Windows', and maybe the IE, Temp folder between installs. Something in them may be corrupting your install.

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    Re: Lotro launcher Connection Problem

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    Re: Lotro launcher Connection Problem

    Unfortunately the problem solved in the link is not identical to the problem I’m having.
    Another interesting thing, when I try to re-download the high res files or the standard res files I get the message saying “No Internet connectivity detected. Please reconnect and try again”
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    Re: Lotro launcher Connection Problem

    I'm having the same issues that Aragron-Elfstone mentioned. I was able to get back in game a couple of times (after many tries), and I can't move. I tried to talk in officer chat, and while it showed on my screen, it apparently wasn't seen by others. I tried several more times, but the game always froze before it would let me in. I looked at the load file and it said it was aborted. Help!

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    Cool Re: Lotro launcher Connection Problem

    I did briefly experience this problem but I simply reinstalled windows 7 on my computer, downloaded and installed lotro and it all worked great. The down side of this solution is having to backup all files and reinstall all your programs.

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    Help ??

    Hello I,m new here i just downloaded it today and i got this problem
    pls help thaks any way



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