The Men of Bree are a Family Oriented Social Kin that believes in helping each other out. We believe quality is greater than quantity -- and we have both. Over 500+ active members, (1167 total), our Provosts ensure that everything in the Kinship is kept running smoothly.

We are lifespan rank 10 Social Kin, the maximum lifespan rank. Most major accomplishments take time to develop. In the same way, our members take the time to help others grow and gain experience. Our goal is to nurture the members of our Kinship and raise them to be mighty, experienced, and noble soldiers. We host both role-playing and non-role-playing events frequently.

If you find that helping others is important in your role to character development, then come check us out @
Click here for the Men of Bree's official website.

We also use Teamspeak3, a voice chat program, if voice chatting is your thing. We are currently recruiting and accepting all ages & levels. Take us for a test drive today!