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    Stangard and Roleplaying

    All of those lovely empty houses in Stangard must make people other than me see the roleplaying potential, right?
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    Re: Stangard and Roleplaying

    I'm not even an RP'er and one of the first things I thought upon seeing Stangard for the first time was "what a great RP place!"

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    Re: Stangard and Roleplaying

    I call the middle bed on the left in the barracks... as long as it comes with the sword resting on it. Feel free to stop by whenever you like.
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    Re: Stangard and Roleplaying

    Oh man, when I came to Stangard on my main, I was just SO excited and wanted to RP there with a Rohir alt. Which is why I made one a few weeks ago and I'm frantically levelling him up.
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