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    Wardens, U6, and FF.

    How you guys like it so far, what have you tried? Favorite stance?

    I'll post my thoughts in the next day or so.

    Looking forward to seeing how you all feel after the long dark night that was mirkwood till now.

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    Re: Wardens, U6, and FF.

    Solo - Epic again, ive pulled 25-30 lvl 75s and just spam my morale xfer skills and stayed at max health the whole time, Secretshopper also used this at the final boss of roots t2 challenge and it seemed to work really well even through the 7k nukes.

    Threat - Tricky as hell still relearning our threat lines, especially aoe threat. I for one because too reliant on xfer threat and now that it has been nerfed hard, i am relearning, just remember to redo Lis and yer traits.

    Its been tougher because all kinnies and firefoot players got used to wardens just spamming aggression and getting fast aggro, i feel we need time again at start of fight.

    Mitigations - We still melt if hit cleanly, not much change there.

    Overall, definately playable and fun again.

    Want to hear from you dps moors wards!
    Connomir: Warden of Firefoots Best, Resurrection.
    95s on Farmfoot: Ramapo - Vendortrash
    Farmpaws and Thorvion forever 15, thank turbine.
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    Re: Wardens, U6, and FF.

    i should say that all things i will type here is my opinion.
    for the tanking its what it should be now.
    exaltation of battle is generating extremly high threat and repeats it for every 4 sec for 16 sec.
    so what i do is shield mastery before combat exaltation of battle with BM so i can get double agro in same time. than use celebration of skill with bm to get block buff max out. than surety of death with bm and dance of war with bm. and use EoB and refresh what finishes its duraiton. i tanked hele all wings and new 6 man (t2 both boss and adds and didnt kill adds) and never had a problem with agro. in hele while that mob zergs my own self heals with spaming EoB reached 1.7k heal per sec. and my morale didnt go down more than 1k nearly.

    moors is creep zerg atm. waiting them to return freep side to try stuff. its hard to see what is what when 10 creeps on you.
    leave the moors creeps its enough for you!!!

    wont comment about pve dps cuz nobody believes it even if i show combat analysys pics so thats it from me

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    Re: Wardens, U6, and FF.

    I play in determination 100% of the time. Aggro is still pretty quick even with the nerf imo. I do like that you can pull every mob on landscape and suck the life out of them without my morale even moving. Wardens were never not able to tank 3 and 6 mans easily so they aren't really worth mentioning. Tier 1 skirm raids can be done with no heavys so they don't really count either. I will say however, after healing RoF on my mini and tanking on my warden that I give an edge to warden over guard in that instance, just because EoB stacks and it really helps out the healers when you have the 7k dot.

    Fixing my LI's is the most annoying part of the update, but warden legacies prior to U6 weren't so good imo. Haven't touched mine yet though.

    The moors when I go at peak hours in the evenings is a creep zerg for sure since U6. But anytime it takes 3 creeps 5 minutes to kill me is a good fight. Wardens are indestructible 1v1 in Determination and when things settle down in a few weeks it'll be fun. I'm at 1 audacity on warden and probably wont even bother with it.

    The biggest question I have is wardens role in Orthanc. Its dumb to take a warden as dps in place of just about any other class and tanking in place of a guard seems sketchy. We tried Kalbak t2 briefly with me tanking on warden and its definitely possible but guard still has huge upper hand in that department. Maybe its already been done but I'd still like to get it done on my wdn. Had him at 475k.

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    Re: Wardens, U6, and FF.

    for the dps i can do a compare between champ and warden(dont start screaming to me just read) its not a perfect compare and its about 1 target dps only. i did it between a kinnie and myself he is a good champ has a FA but jewels are not great so he has around 22k physycal mastery. and me on my warden reaches around 23k.
    about the comparing he said he is getting 1.2k dps by 1 target skills on dummies. again he has 22k mastery.
    and i couldnt look at my dps on dummies becouse before i start my high damaigng hits it resets (dots sweep out) its 800 with spaming onslaugh.
    so i tried my dps on draigoch (i can hear trololol he tried with 100% debuff but no. i tried it before the debuffs)
    on legs the time was not enough again so i couldnt complate my cycles so i had to spam conviction triumph onslaugh
    but on body and that huge time (i wasnt on fm group) i was getting around 1.-1.3k dps. (melee only) by doing triumph + mighty blow + unerring strikes with battle memory a couple times and repeat
    so its open to comment. its not even near to bust damage so its worse than champs but for stong fights can be equal
    and im assuming dummy mitigations are worse than draigochs body without debuffs and addition to that we didnt have a cappy and buglars 8% damage thing was sometime up sometime not.
    so repeat its not a perfect campare but can give us a start point.
    and for an addition if im not in melee range on my rk with 24k mastery (was taround there when i was runing it) i wasnt be able to reach that high.
    so my opinion is we shouldnt underestimate wardens dps role for raids. looking forward for better compares-tests. thank you

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    Re: Wardens, U6, and FF.

    I am more or less tank only as well. even if our dps is better, we won't be taking the place of a champ, hunter, or even burg for that purpose.

    Our ability to buff everyone elses dps is nice and a feature I am going to try and sell to my kinmates.

    EOB is crazy, but also not helpful in raid settings as mezz targets abound and i play with some of the best dps on the server, so eob is great once i get my corner and I am away from trolls/wargs/ and various other mezzed nasties, but it doesnt really work great in a t2 clear. skirms, 6 mans, meh, were always easy.

    Definately awesome to literally grab 30-40 mobs and just leech em to death.
    Connomir: Warden of Firefoots Best, Resurrection.
    95s on Farmfoot: Ramapo - Vendortrash
    Farmpaws and Thorvion forever 15, thank turbine.
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    Re: Wardens, U6, and FF.

    sounds like someone needs a nerf -50% all hots/leech sounds fair

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    Re: Wardens, U6, and FF.

    Warden changes with U6, great.

    Shield traited wardens getting points in the moors by riding on the backs of other's DPS, not so great. Grow a set lads.



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