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Thread: EntityControl

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    So, EntityControl's fields are:

    /eval for k, v in pairs(Turbine.UI.Lotro.EntityC ontrol) do Turbine.Shell.WriteLine(k); end


    Stretching an EntityControl over something you'd previously been RegisterForClickHandling, and then SetEntitying the EntityControl seems to work perfectly fine.

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    Re: EntityControl

    Hi Moebius,

    I'm not really sure how to use the EntityControl. Can you provide an explanation of what you mean by stretching an entity control over something?

    If I have a label on in a window, would I:
    (a) Create the control
    (b) set the parent to the same window as the label
    (c) change the size of it so that it covers the label
    (d) se the z-order so that its "on top" of the label

    Then it can get click events. Is that what's its used for? If not - what the heck is it ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: EntityControl

    Say originally I had a window w of size x,y and an entity e which I was doing e:RegisterForClickHandling(w). Now I'd have to do:

    ec = Turbine.UI.Lotro.EntityControl ();
    ec:SetPosition(0, 0);
    ec:SetSize(x, y);
    ec:SetContextMenuEnabled(true) ;

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    Re: EntityControl

    Thanks for this

    If we use this approach in association with an Item, can we now grab the right click events for it?


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    Re: EntityControl

    Honestly? Not a clue. Up until this update I'd thought RegisterForClickHandling was an Actor thing, not an Entity thing, so it never even occurred to me to try it on items.



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