Don't let our name put you off (we just happen to have some good hearted "riff-raff" that put the ROUGH in our name).

Necessary Roughness is a level 5 Kinship on Windfola. We are new and growing in our ranks. Our Kin has grown into a supportive group looking to help and assist all new and veteran players, alike.

If you are new to LOTR Online, NR is a Kin where you will find a supportive and helpful group of friends.

If you are a veteran looking to foward your adventures or wanting to help younger players, NR welcomes your knowledge.

If you are looking for questing help or you like jumping into the fray to come to the aid of a friends, NR is the warm campfire during your adventures.

Looking for all levels and classes to join. Crafters and role players are welcome.

If interested or if you have any questions please send tell to Odann, Grimgrey or our leaders, Caleborne and Claimore.