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    The wife and I are looking for a new home

    Hello fellow Windfolians,

    My wife and I have recently returned to the game after a long hiatus (pre-Isen). Our main toons are Turang, lvl 65 Captain ( http://my.lotro.com/home/character/8...4037937429038/ ) and Sulbeleg, lvl 65 LM ( http://my.lotro.com/home/character/1...4037937430924/ ). We're looking for a more active kin since Guardians of the Vault has seemed to be much less active since we took our break for RL stuff. I don't think we're looking for a raiding kin who would want us to jump right in and start raiding again. A nice, friendly, laid back kin who does some raiding on occasion would probably be something we would want to look into. If anyone represents a kin that might be a good fit for us, please reply to this thread or please send me a message.

    We greatly appreciate it.

    - Turril and Sulhelca (for those of you who remember our original toons)

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    Re: The wife and I are looking for a new home

    d'haran empire has a midcore set up with a hardcore branch. You are welcome to casually play, do whatever you want but if you do want to try the end game content you are more than welcome. We will have a core raiding group but we also do them with the rest of the kin with alts etc. We have lots of casual players also plus we are active and always recruiting to the family

    weekly kin lotto's dkp system up n running recently

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    Re: The wife and I are looking for a new home

    Thank you for the reply Jawz. I'll talk to the wife and see what she wants (because anyone who is married knows thats all that matters lol).

    I believe all of God's creatures have souls... except bears... bears of Godless killing machines! - SC

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    Re: The wife and I are looking for a new home

    *waves at Turril*
    Just wanted to say Hiya Turril and Sulhelca!!
    "Can you say that my precious? I knew that you could!"
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    Re: The wife and I are looking for a new home

    Sorry that I am so slow to respond (RL getting in the way.) Maybe you have found a home already, but if not, you are welcome here.

    Our kin has many people but not enough to often do raids HOWEVER, We are members of the Windfola Alliance - an alliance created with other kins from the server - primarily, to form raid groups with several events scheduled weekly.
    The alliance also has a website, it recently changed so you'd have to get it from the House of Blackrock site. If you are a member of our kin you can join the alliance.

    The kin is full of members that are willing to craft for other members. Noone charges but usually expects materials to craft. This is especially helpful when you go through scrolls, food, etc. at the rate you usually do in a raid.

    Come check us out!

    You can always send me a tell in game and I can send an invite.
    My main is Celerk. My signature has all my alts listed (although sometimes it doesn't work.)
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    about us:
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    Our membership age ranges from teens to sixties, and geographically spans the globe (although most are adults residing in the North American Continent). Most of us have jobs or college commitments and families, therefore we support the premise that real-life has priority over game-life, so power gaming isn’t required. What we aren’t and won’t tolerate are racists, bigots, flamers, “leet” gamers, or any such distasteful type of person.
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