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    Question about House Owner ship and character transfert.

    Hi there.

    I am thinking about xferring the owner of my house from my home server to a new server. I saw I could not add any of my alts as owner as they are already owner of the house. So what is going to happen ? The ownership change to an alt names ? The owner name doesn't change and I'm still owner of the house ? Am I still going to be owner of the house ? Does it create a warp hole in space continum and my home server will implode ??
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    Re: Question about House Owner ship and character transfert.

    I am not 100% sure of this but i am pretty sure your house gets abandoned. Items that are bound to a toon get put in escrow accessible by that toon, and things in the chests or unbound items get sent to the owner...who does not exist on the server...and then get eaten by a wormhole.

    i think you would need to take everything out of your house first, put unbound things in other toon's vaults (or in the vault of the toon you are transferring to bring with you) and then repurchase either on the new server or the old one.
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    Re: Question about House Owner ship and character transfert.

    Correct. If you transfer or delete the character that owns the house (ie, the one that purchased it) the house goes back to the housing broker to sell. All items in the containers or decorations that are bound to a character get returned to them. Anything not bound to a specific character are lost. If you wish to keep any of the items you need to remove them before the transfer is made.
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