The Line Of Eriador IS recruiting members. No Requirements and all races allowed.
Helpful and friendly community. We will help you if you need help and you ask for it.
We do instances, skirmishes, raids, you name it. We sometimes do events and have fun parties.

We currently have a kinship house ( open to all players ) We have several experienced crafters who can make some very good items.

We have officers ready to recruit,
Send a tell to: Jasonish, Taguro, Jesseish, Putsa, Legofin, Musicking or Sibren.
Please let them know that you want to join our kinship if you want an invitation.
If none can be contacted, Please send Jasonish ( Me ) mail and I'll try to get back to you.
If you post on the fourm for recruitment... Please leave your character's name. If you wish for privacy, send mail or a tell instead.

Other stuff.
We have several rules.

1. No racism ( this will not be tolerated )
2. No harassment ( even towards other players )
3. No In-Game rules can be broken ( Turbine's rules )
4. No scamming. None.

We currently have a 'Mixed' theme. Our house is in the Bree-Land Homesteads.
Use kinship chat to talk ( of course ) To use the kinship chat type /k or you can click the little chat bubble in the chatbox and click Kinship.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them to me ( Jasonish ) or, Post on this fourm!