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    Silverkeep Pitfights II Sparring Contest

    Hello all,

    Silverkeep will be hosting our second Pitfights on March 18 at 2pm EST following our Memorial march through Bree at 1pm EST in rememberence of our late leader, Pliscin. Previously, we held the event within the Kinship and due to it's success and popularity, we are now are opening the sparring contest to all. Save the date!

    Silverkeep Pitfights II will be open to all players on the server and held in Bree! So re-slot those virtues and come prepared to spar!

    Five prizes will be handed out under the following criteria:
    1. Level 75 Champion of Vilya
    2. Level 65 and under Hero of Eregion
    3. Level 55 and under Victor of Bree
    4. Overall Best Brawler; a popular vote for lower level toons who kick some serious buttock!

    And last but not least!

    5. Best dressed! =) Again to be determined by popular vote.

    Prize list to come! Silverkeep will be pooling monies and items to be given as prizes. If you are interested in donating, please send donations to the character named Silverbank and specify the monies are for the Pitfights. This is by no means a requirement to spar and win gold and fun prizes!

    Dress in your finest, meet us Saturay March 18th in Bree at 2pm EST, join in the march (1pm EST) and then let's spar!

    Thank you all! *Salute*

    Burcho and the Echo Series

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    Re: Silverkeep Pitfights II Sparring Contest

    Hello again all!

    The location of the Pitfights will be in Bree at the Scholar's Walk. This will provide a nice, clearly defined space to fight in. Prize list to come and we'll see you there!

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    Re: Silverkeep Pitfights II Sparring Contest

    Hello Vilya!

    As promised, here's the list of prizes to be given out to the winners of the Pitfights hosted by Silverkeep.

    So far we've raised 30 gold to be dispursed among the winners.

    Items so Far: 10 x Scorlls of Renewal, 2 x Loot Boxes (Lvl 49 + 60), 100 Pristine Hides.

    I will post any updates!

    Thanks again and we'll see you there!

    Burcho and the Echo series

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    Re: Silverkeep Pitfights II Sparring Contest

    Hello again!

    Updated purse for the Silverkeep Pitfights in Bree Sunday, March 18th at 2pm EST.

    We are up to 60 gold to be dispursed among the winners!! Twelve gold per tier!

    *2 Steel bound Loot Boxes (Lvl 49 + 60)
    *100 Pristine Hides.
    *100 Reinforced Birch Boards
    *1 Treasure chest
    *2 Tomes of Mark Acquisition
    *2 Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils
    *1 Stunning Dunlending Combat Sword
    *10 Khazad Gold Ingots

    Just a heads up! The item prizes will be dispursed to participants based on their "scrappiness" and resilience; essentially as consolation prizes to those who fought exceptionally well but may have lost a match.

    Thanks again and we'll see you there!



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