Hello all! I am here to ask you, what kind of kinship you want to join. As I have been adventuring in the beautiful land of Middle-Earth, I have seen that there is quite a few Kinship's in the Laurelin server. I have for a long time now dreamed of forming my own kinship, but I feel like all the ideas have been taken already and I do not want to copy anyone's kinship.
I have noticed that there are: military-like, adventuring, musical, travelling, trade, "chilling/having fun/party"-like,racial ones, and many more themed kinship's.
I most certainly would like to form a new kinship, but I can't decide the "theme" for it. I want it to base on something, so we could arrange events etc. so I would need a theme.
So after all this explaining, I want you to tell me, what kind of Kinship you would want and why, in the Middle-Earth of Laurelin server?!
-Thank you!