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Thread: Escrow issue

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    Escrow issue

    Ok so I abandoned my house proably just over 2 weeks ago.

    Today went to get everythign out of escrow sicne i was going to get a new deluxe house. When i get there my stuff is gone. No in game notice warning nothing no way of knowing (heck until I got a message from the GM I did not even know that there was a 2 week deletion from Escrow) so now all the stuff i worked hard for is gone ...

    They really need a new system for housing.

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    Re: Escrow issue

    Yula gives WnxWexler a Yula brand chocolate Truffle in a genuine Yula Bunny wrapper. Chew slowly to savor the flavor. You are welcome to a Bunny shoulder and hug.

    I am always sorry to read posts where folks got something other than what they expected. Unfortunately, this situation is what happens when you assume things. It is a continual problem in all aspects of life. Fortunately, games like Lotro are inexpensive learning opportunities versus a buying a car and getting stung.

    If you had opened you escrow you would have seen a mail system style count down clock. If you had searched the web or asked questions you would have found that it is temporary storage just like the mail system.

    You are describing part of the reason why people hated the original system. You went away for a while. Maintenance ran out. Turbine took your house. Put everything in escrow. Two weeks later Turbine took everything that was in escrow. You came back - house and all the contents were gone.

    The solution is permanent house ownership. Turbine hasn't done anything other than minor tweaks with housing in years. We are getting a couple tweaks in the next update. I believe these are the first changes since shortly after Mirkwood launched in 2009.
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