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    Rent Cap or Other options

    I very much agree that it is rather irritating to see so many houses taken up around the neighborhoods and never in use and most locked and never to be used again.
    My personal request is to cap rent accumulation at a certain point, because hey real life happens and sometimes you have to step away for a while.
    But when I come back and I have 6 gold to unlock a kin house, 5 gold to unlock a personal house and then 4 gold to unlock a personal house on a second account part of me says "to hell with it, let them rot".
    (I of course paid them all because I love the houses , it is one of my favorite things in these games and I think it is underused.)

    But I would think that many of the houses rotting around neighborhoods are people who just can not afford to unlock their homes.

    SO I think there should be a cap of how high the amount should be able to climb BUT I also think that after a certain amount of time the house should be foreclosed on. This way people do not take advantage of the cap.
    People lose nothing when they lose their house except what they paid for the house itself, all of the items can be dumped to the housing escrow.
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    Re: Rent Cap or Other options

    There is a rent cap. I believe it is 90% of the purchase price.

    Permanent house ownership was put in as a customer request. Turbine got hundreds of post from angry customers demanding that Turbine "Stop taking my home". There are number of customers that were opposed to the idea (including me). Our numbers are small. We got trampled into the dust the herd of "Permanent ownership" customers.

    As to whether Turbine will start taking homes again in the future. No idea. Part of the problem is that housing has been a unsupported feature for years. There are a couple minor changes coming in Update 6 - probably the first modifications since Mirkwood era when the skirmish NPCs arrived. Shortly after Mirkwood, Jeffrey Steefel was moved to another project. Kate Paiz arrived to oversee the F2P feature.
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    Re: Rent Cap or Other options

    Ahhh, the days when they used to just take your house off you if you didnt play for a while...bring it back! ;p



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