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    Can't sign up on lotrointerface.com

    Posting the question here, since I can't post it there...

    I can't seem to figure out what answers Lotrointerface is looking for in its human verification step. For "what kinds of files do you download from lotrointerface" I tried Lua, scripts, and plugins... for "what game", I put lotro... nothing works, it keeps telling me I'm a spammer and to use the Contact Us page if I believe I received it in error.

    There is no "contact us" page.

    So, I'm hoping that someone with lotrointerface can see this and either tell me what I'm doing wrong or fix your system so that the answers are things real humans might actually select.

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    Re: Can't sign up on lotrointerface.com

    Hi Reillan,

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble registering. Here is the info on the questions...

    Question: What type of files do you download from LoTROInterface?
    Answers: plugins, plugin, addons, addon, interfaces, interface, mods, mod

    Questions: What game does LoTROInterface support?
    Answers: lotro, lord of the rings online, lord of the rings

    If you have suggestions for other possible answers we would love to add them. Thanks!

    The contact us link is in the footer of our site just above the copyright. Or you can email <any admin username>@lotrointerface.com
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    Re: Can't sign up on lotrointerface.com

    Thank you for your reply,

    I'll gladly send you a screenshot of the area right above the copyright. There is no contact us link there.

    I can't find any admin username because I can't search the member list (because I'm not a member).

    And it still gives me the error that I'm a bot using the ones you provide... maybe it doesn't take yahoo email addresses? (may make life difficult since I only have yahoo and gmail, heheh).

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    Re: Can't sign up on lotrointerface.com

    Can you give me the exact error your getting? There are 2 layers of protection, one is the human verification and the other is using the http://stopforumspam.com/ RBL. We don't restrict any email addresses. If you're on the stop forum spam list either by IP or email address that would be the problem. Email me at dolby@mmoui.com and we will get this figured out.

    I just registered a test account and didn't find any problem with the human verification so you may want to see if you are listed on the site I linked above. If you are please email me and I can get your ip removed or manually create an account for you.

    I just noticed the contact us link doesn't show for logged out users (yikes) on lotrointerface. I just now fixed that.
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    Re: Can't sign up on lotrointerface.com

    I had the same problem, and was obviously unable to contact anyone there as well. There was no error, you just give valid answers and it tells you that you are a spammer.

    Thankfully plug-in developers generally respond here.

    Months later I had a brainstorm, pulled out my phone, and was able to sign-up through my phone's browser instead of regular web browser. Another solution might be to use a library/public computer to sign up? Once that's done, the regular user log-in thankfully isn't broken.

    It was a royal pain in the you-know-what, I've never seen another site with such problems, thankfully you can download without registering, and see user names to be able to contact them through here.

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