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    Total Immersion: The Road Goes Ever On - A Hobbit's Tale

    My last story, Total Immersion -The Quest for Moria has finally drawn to a close, and very succesfully I might add. I had a great deal of fun on the long journey and, as I have mentioned before, I had plans to return to the original story of Ingion. However, though the story of Nuri was very enjoyable, I did not wish to follow it up with a similar dour and grim story. Instead, I opted for the telling of a hobbit's tale. Thus this story idea was born.


    1. Travel: I will only travel on foot or by regular mounts and absolutely no swift travel horses or map recall use. Except when in a quest, lair, dungeon, combat, etc, I will walk everywhere - I will allow myself to run for short periods of time, however, when undergoing general overland travel.

    2. Chat / Speech: I will always stay in rp character at all times during Chat. I will chat in OOC when it is necessary however, since there are times I might want to talk to someone out of game.

    3. Food and Rest: I will follow the LOTRO day/night cycle closely and force myself to rest at a safe location such as an inn or in a town if such an inn is not available. The day/night cycles are:

    Late Watches

    I must rest during the night cycles of Evening, Midnight, Late Watches and Foredawn each day (or at least camp/rest for four cycles each day/evening). I can hang around an inn, for example, and rp a bit with other players, but no going out into town to shop or craft, etc. This is to simulate my character actually resting. During the rest time I must eat a meal of some kind - perferably hobbit food. I should also try to rest at least once during the day, to sit and enjoy a bit of a second breakfast or perhaps a cup of tea.

    If I am away from a town or settlement, things will become more tricky. I will attempt to find a safe spot to camp for the evening - this means halting my journey and actually sit my toon down for rest.

    5. Promoting Realism: This rule is a catch-all for such things as no jumping off high cliffs, swimming with armour on, jumping around while I am moving, jumping every fence I come across, etc.

    6. My Tale: As always, I will keep a log here on this thread of my travels. I will not partake in any quest that is not detailed in the general story line. This will probably limit my level advancement considerably. For sake of the adventure, I will be using the Shire calendar during the story:

    7.RPing a Hobbit: Theodoras Took is your typical, sensible hobbit, not a hero or adventurer, and I am going to play him as such. I completed the Hobbit intro then went through his gear and sold off almost all his stuff - he after all only a hobbit. Of all the gear, I kept for him a woven cloak, a padded shirt, quilted legging and a honed dagger. In keeping with rping a hobbit, I will not use such gear as shoulder guards, helms, gloves or, heaven forbid, shoes or boots. Once Theodoras has "grown" so to speak, I may reward him with some special armour or a sword, very much like how Bilbo found Sting or was given his mithril shirt by Thorin Oakenshield.

    The most important aspect in rping a hobbit will be during quests. Theodoras is not Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took and he is certainly NOT a warrior. Thus, should quests call for combat, I will need to seek the aid of other, non-hobbit players to aid him in completing the quests. Theodoras will be able to help in the combats, but he will certainly not be charging into a wolf lair all by himself! This also means no random slaying of mobs during his travels.

    8. Death and Defeat: Since I love a challenge, I will add in a final rule, even more restrictive than with my first Total Immersion story. Theodoras cannot be defeated by any means during the story - should this occur, he will be considered truly dead. To track this, I will periodically post screenshots of the Survival titles as I recieve them, beginning with "The Wary", which you gain when reaching level 5 without being defeated in battle. This is followed by the Undefeated (level 10th), the Indomitable (level 14th), the Unscathed (level 17th) and finally with the Undying (level 20th).


    Theodoras Took, known to his closest friends as simply Theo, was born on June 9th, 1268 of the Shire Reckoning (2968 TA). His father, Isengar, of a respectable Took family in Tuckburough, was a spirited but decent Hobbit who pased much of his Tookishness to his only son. His mother, Peony Bolger of the Budgeford Bolgers, moved from her family home to reside in a modest but pleasant smial built by her husband for his new bride.

    As a young Hobbit, Theo was eager and bright-eyed, not to mention a bit of a rascal, who (in his mother's eyes) foolishly spent his childhood days wandering afar in the fields and dales of the Greenhills Country around Tuckburough. His meandering over his beloved Shire brought out a rare flash of something not very Hobbit-like in the young Theodoras. He often enjoyed tales of all sorts that he could bend an ear to, and spoke to strangers that sometimes passed through the Shire for the lands beyond. Theodoras even thought he had seen an Elf once in the woods far east of Tuckburough and this only heightened his restlessness and eagerness for all things new and especially of the wide world beyond the borders of the Shire.

    When Theodoras was only entering his tweens (a Hobbit's coming of age at thirty-three, after having gone through the irresponsible age between childhood and 33), his mother succumed to fever and died. His father, Isengar, heartbroken over the loss of his wife, soon fell ill with grief and died a year later. Theodoras was taken in by relatives on his mother's side to live in Budgeford.

    Theodoras Took's Family Trees

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