If you are a roleplayer - or just want free ingame snacks - you're invited to a "DaM alt" pancake dinner and Mardi Gras celebration this Tuesday, March 4th, 10pm Eastern/Servertime, at the Green Dragon Inn of Hobbiton/Bywater.

If you'd like to join us OOC, we'll be in a user chat channel: use the command /joinchannel pancakeday

Though hosted by the all-elven RP kinship Daro a Maetho, the hosts will be dressed as hobbits or men for the night:: Try to find Narwyn, Museless, or anyone under the kin 'Non Player Character' for food, drink, and dyes during the night. We will be in-character, please interact with us as such!

We hope to see you there!

Please note that while it is being hosted on the night of Mardi Gras and with the intention to be such, pancakes are rare in LOTRO. Levels 75+ will be able to receive "Bacon-wrapped Flapjacks" but most will have to make do with other deliciousness.