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    Welcome Delacour I will look for you in-game. Please go to our website and fill out an application. hope to see you soon.

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    Nov 2010
    What times do you usually play? I work 2nd shift and am looking for some people to be social with while I play once I get done with work at midnight central time.

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    We have members on at various times of the day. For myself I am on eastern time and usually play 6 to 10pm est everyday. if you search /who hammerfistclan while in-game it should show you how many are on at the times you play. I hope this helps. Good luck and happy hunting.

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    Still recruiting. www.hammerfistclan.com. Come check us out, you will not regret it.

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    When you join hammerfistclan you are not just joining another kinship we are more like a family. come join us and be a part of something great. Go to www.hammerfistclan.com and apply today.

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    We are still recruiting. Come see what we are all about. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You know you want to www.hammerfistclan.com

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    Welcome to all our new members. www.hammerfistclan.com

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    Come check us out! www.hammerfistclan.com you won't regret it.

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    Still recruiting. Come join the fun!

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    Hello from a relatively new member of the guild, I just want to bump this thread and touch on how awesome and helpful the guild is. It is is a great community we have, Come try us out !

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    Thanks fulu welcome to the kin

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    Come check us out. You might meet some new friends along the way. www.hammerfistclan.com

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    Still recruiting. Come check us out www.hammerfistclan.com

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    Now with update 11 being released we are seeing both old and new members returning. If you are still looking for a good kin with mature quality players, look no further. www.hammerfistclan.com

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    Having fun with the game but getting tired of running solo? Want to see more group content? We actively run 3 and 6 man groups daily and raid every weekend. Come see what we are all about. www.hammerfistclan.com

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    We have recently promoted one of our Australian members (Bryter) to officer and with her we are growing an Australian player base. We have members in most timezones so if you are looking for a fun,casual, mature group to game with please come check us out. www.hammerfistclan.com

    p.s. congratulations to our 2 new officers Lissanna and Bryter.

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    Still recruiting. Come join the fun www.hammerfistclan.com

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    Cool A great bunch of folks

    Howdy all,

    Just thought I'd throw in my very positive impressions of this group. I responded to the recruitment call about a month ago, and everyone in game has been incredibly helpful and welcoming.

    I have a lot of experience with World of Warcraft but none with LOTRO (well, about a month now Hammerfist folks have a lively sense of humor, answer even silly questions, and are really a pleasure to be around.

    Check them out! This 40-something female feels right at home.

    Cheers and happy adventures,

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    Thank you willow for the kind words we are glad to have you.

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    Actively recruiting, come check us out www.hammerfistclan.com

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    I would like to welcome our new members and let all others know if you are looking for a fun,friendly,active kin then please check us out www.hammerfistclan.com

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    I wanted to add my voice to those praising this kinship. I applied about 4 - 5 weeks ago, and was warmly welcomed into Hammerfist Clan. I have found my new home. The people in this kin support you, know the game and have fun. I've found people who will join in on anything I might want to do in the game: raiding to exploring to music to decoration to creep-side insanity (or freep, if you roll that way). I've already found regulars to play with at high level, others with whom to level alts, still others who will help with crafting, and still more others who can answer almost any question I might have . . . . I've even worked out a deal with one of my kinmates to be an interior designer for my new houses.

    So you know, I'm a six-year veteran of the game, have been in several kinships on this and other servers, and officer in some. This kin has a great organization, a great balance and a great attitude. And, if you're feeling the need to stray to another game, odds are good that Hammerfist has a presence there. Strong recommendation for those looking for a place in Brandywine.

    Ryleth (RK Brandywine)

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    Thank you NikolaiWolf!

    My 2 cents, hammerfist has been great mainly because of all the other MMO's that the clan in playing. You don't limit yourself to just LOTRO and you get to still play with a great bunch of players.

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    Welcome to all our new members. We are still recruiting, so if you are looking for a fun,friendly, mature, drama free kin check us our www.hammerfistclan.com

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    Still recruiting. Come check us out. www.hammerfistclan.com


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