Among the Free Peoples, all may find welcome and hospitality for as long as they, in turn, provide welcome and hospitality to all.

We are a kinship of elves, men, dwarves and hobbits who struggle to live our lives free from the tyranny of the Dark Lord of Mordor and his allies.

However, the struggle for freedom is not simply one of taking up arms to wage war, but also of opening arms to embrace peace and taking up tools to build a better world for all. Kindness, mirth, mercy and laughter are often the greatest tools that one can wield against the darkness. And we, Free Peoples of Middle Earth, wield these instruments as well as any weapon.

In this way, Free Peoples strive to play a greater role in the shaping of the ages to come. Our individual tales and the roles that we play in these dark times will weave together to form a far greater epic of joy, sorrow, adventure and beauty that will last for untold ages.

Come, join us and share your story!

.: :.

Contact Sigilring or Elenathiel via Tell or In-game Mail to arrange a meeting.