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    on the subject of dwarfs

    My time on Imladris is quickly coming to an end, but before I go, I wanted to share one little secret with those of you I've been fighting against and alongside for the better part of six months:

    I'm Villager!

    I wasn't sure how this server would respond to a level 40 character wandering the map wearing cosmetics as gear and a fishing pole in hand, but I have to say, you guys really surprised me. I had a lot of fun interacting with both creep and freep alike, from those of you who simply sat with me while I fished to the large craids that insert-walked from Lugz to Grams with me. Your reactions and emote spams and shout-outs in ooc and glff made the whole thing worth the grind to get out there in the first place.

    Thank you for all the fun times. I have more funny stories than I could possibly tell in one sitting. x)
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    Re: on the subject of dwarfs


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    Re: on the subject of dwarfs

    Hehe, very nice Wish more players was like you..

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    Re: on the subject of dwarfs

    Har har har. Was fun following the little Villager around. Told you it wasn't me, Apache :P
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    Re: on the subject of dwarfs

    Wow!! I always thought you were a bored GM. I remember being on Eidllik one day while you were fishing near EC. I changed my stone name to "Shark" and placed it where ever you were casting. It was a light moment in an otherwise evil Moors.

    Not sure where you are going but if you come to SWTOR. Look me up on Fa’athra server. Drop a line to Eidllik or Eiden and I'll set you up with some credits.


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    Re: on the subject of dwarfs

    Such good times hearing the creeps going crazy over a level 40 dwarf fishing all over the moors.

    Will be sad to see the Villager go!

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    Re: on the subject of dwarfs

    I'm sad I never happened to meet Villager. But much much much respect for someone who brought something different to the table and who of their own accord enriched the experience of their fellow players. Not many do that and nobody deserves more praise than those who do. Thanks for helping keep this game something worth playing.

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    Re: on the subject of dwarfs

    I met Villager last night.

    Very yummy <giggles>


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    Re: on the subject of dwarfs

    I know Villager only as a myth of the moors, but I'm sorry to see him go.

    Thanks for the fun times, V, and good luck wherever the future takes you.
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