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    Songbook or Hunter Bow

    I have reason to believe I'll be able to make a first age soon(days to weeks). I was gonna make a hunters bow am thinking about a minstrel book. I raid with my minstrel far more than I run my hunter. My 2nd age songbook has 4 majors and I'm not sure I'd use the 1st age book if I only got 3 majors on it.

    What chances are there of getting 4 majors? How much additional healing do I get from a 1st age book VS a 2nd age just due to the higher tactical cap?

    My current hunter bow only has 3 majors so it'd be a lock that the new bow would be better.

    As a 2ndary question: How many peeps roll without the healing cost on their songbooks? I generally don't have a lot of power issues but I ran Fire/Frost this weekend without an LM and I had to be much more proactive about using my coda to return power than I'd like to be. I guess if I don't get 4 majors I cold take a will legacy to maybe offset this a bit.

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    Re: Songbook or Hunter Bow

    Go with the Hunter bow. If your 2nd Age book already has 4 Majors and you feel you heal just fine with what you have, seriously, go for the bow. People prioritize who has better gear for DPS classes when they are choosing them for raids MUCH more than they prioritize gear for healers -- healers tend to get into raids no matter what while DPS classes have to be extremely competitive. Also, while you'll have more points to spend with a 1st Age book and it will give out slightly better healing... do you really feel you NEED that extra healing? In my experience, the full healing potential of a Minstrel is almost never needed.

    For your second question... I personally always run with -Healing Skills Power Costs, but my Kinship has a dearth of Captains and Lore-masters, so I only sometimes have outside help with my power. If you are in a different situation, you might be fine to drop it in favor of something else.
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    Re: Songbook or Hunter Bow

    Absolutely absurd question, the Bow would be wiser, hands down. I haven't even been rolling on FAs in my kin because it is so much more useful for the DPS. Plus, can you imagine if the FA Book only gets 3 majors? It'd be worse in my eyes than a SA with 4 majors.

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    Re: Songbook or Hunter Bow

    Question 1 - Bow all the way

    Question 2 - Never run with it...content provides me a captain or LM in my groups.

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    Re: Songbook or Hunter Bow

    1. I'm going to go with the unpopular choice and say minstrel book. The hard numbers you want to know:

    2nd Age Songbook: 33 Tactical Healing Rating
    1st Age Songbook: 38.8 Tactical Healing Rating

    Not a small amount. I had a 4 major SA before upgrading. I certainly didn't want 3 majors but figured that the tact healing rating boost would be enough to prevent me from being sad even if I did drop to 3.

    But,, like most posters, in our kin we tend to let DPS classes get their 1st ages first. It just makes sense for raiding, so many of these fights either require excellent DPS or are just easier when they are completed quickly. So, I waited until after 2 burgs, 2 champs, 1 rk and 2 hunters got theirs before considering a first age for my minstrel. If you raided equal time with the hunter and minstrel, I'd probably go with the hunter first age too. But, it doesn't sound like that's your choice - you have to pick between your minstrel and a lesser played alt hunter. I think it makes sense to give the first age to the character you raid with most.

    2. I always have -healing power cost on my songbook. We always have an LM and 2 captains in a raid but that LM has better things to do than worry about giving me power and sometimes, if things go crazy or healing is very intense, I can still burn through a lot of power even with it on a book.
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    Re: Songbook or Hunter Bow

    That is certainly the situation. I'm probably a better minstrel than hunter but that's just cause I play it most of the time. I'd hate bringing my minstrel and I also hate not bringing him if you know what I mean.

    So you roll HOM,BC,POWER on your songbook. I'd be pretty tempted to use HOM,BC,IF. I find myself hitting IF constantly with all the AOE damage in the last few raids that Turbine has put out.

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    Re: Songbook or Hunter Bow

    IF tends to be situational imo, either very useful or not much. Since the 5 set bonus on the blue set is -3% inc damage from IF, I've really tried to use it more, but the bonus just hasn't impressed.

    Since OD, I've just made AoE heal books for those fights, like Ivar and DB, that favor its use. Symbols are cheap enough that it's pretty easy just to make 2 heal books.



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