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    Im back! Sort of.

    Back from a 30 day ban, but unfortunately xfered my warg off the server. still waiting for It to go through.. You Will still see me on my noobier toons!
    | Rank 12 Reaver --- Danceswithswords | Rank 8 Warg --- Danceswithworgs | Rank 10 Warg --- Spectralhound (rip in ban world) | Rank 9 Champion --- Vorenroy (rip in ban world) |
    | Rank 7 Guardian --- Rexxin (the almighty dorf) |

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    Re: Im back! Sort of.

    lol bagnuk im currently out for another day hoping action improves without me for my 3 day ban oh this is Zurack lol sadly i have low expectations



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