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    Dúnedain of the North - DotN - Withywindle

    Website: http://www.kinshipdunedain.net
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/D%C3%...98279590280169

    We are committed to creating an community atmosphere, where the union, group spirit and cohesion will be part of our kinship.
    The Lore of the Lord of the Rings will be present with Role-playing for create storys full of fantasy, magic, enthralling adventures with mythical beings, heroic deeds, the unity for the sake of a common cause.
    Still, we will focused on enjoy all game content. We have an organized website (kinshipdunedain.net), forum, blog, TS3 private server.
    With your PRECIOUS help, "Dúnedain of the North" kinship will be friendly and great.
    Tenna' ento lye omenta.

    Recruiting: Decision after questionnaire;
    Member Requirements: Member status as a result of register at kinship website and agree with kinship commandments and rules.

    Motto : En gwend o ertha - The bond of unity

    Rangers colour : Grey

    Oficial Kinship Cloak : The Rangers of the North usually wore grey or dark green cloaks with no identifying ornaments except a six-pointed cloak-clasp in the shape of a star, another identifying feature was that all of them wore a green longcoat

    Welcome to the Dúnedain of the North!

    We hope to make this page a great resource for our kinship members to interact and help each other.
    We encourage all members create some topics about the Dúnedain.
    You will find that our kinship is full of funny and wonderful people who are ready to have fun and share in the experience that LotRO is.

    And c'mon, don't be shy - go ahead and take a look around and get to know your kinnies.
    I think you'll find that everyone, are good persons that like play LotRO in community and are friendly and approachable.
    Dúnedain of the North is not a kinship of LotRO-elitists who seem to think that you're worthless as a person if you don't have a lvl cap character decked out in full endgame gear (it is pretty, though, isn't it…).

    Anyway…Nah, that's not us at all.
    Instead, we're looking for something different - a carefree and humorous group to belong to.
    To put it another way, we're friends. You might even come to think of us as family.
    Don't worry, though, we're not going to force you into itchy, uncomfortable clothes and force you to go to church
    Waitaminute, where was I? Oh, yeah…

    Don't get me wrong, though, we'd love to, and probably will, introduce you to at least a few Mordor inhabitants of the LotRO.
    But don't be scared, we're also likely to be quite happy if you stick them with pointy bits of metal, bludgeon them, and/or rend their souls with darkness from beyond the Mount Doom!
    We'll probably even join in on the fun! We're an adventuring kinship - it's what we do.

    But, as should be expected of adventuring kinships, we're diverse.
    Many kinnies are from that big, mysterious planet Earth .
    We're a modern and worldly group, we are - world travellers of both Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania.
    So, what the heck is a curry? How's that health care in Norway?
    Does the sun really shine for a month straight in Alaska?
    Ask the right kinnie and you can get answers to all these questions and a thousand more, probably at least one hundred, maybe even ten!

    So stick around and you might learn something…but don't worry, we'll do all we can to prevent you get bored!


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    Re: Dúnedain of the North - Withywindle

    Quote Originally Posted by Specialone View Post
    The Lore of the Lord of the Rings will be present...

    Motto : Vinculum unitatis - The bond of unity
    If wish to remain true to Tolkien's mythology, then your motto should be in one of the Elven tongues, not Latin.

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    Re: Dúnedain of the North - Withywindle

    Maybee Sindarin, is about Dúnedain. Ty for the help .

    En gwend o ertha - The bond of unity
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    Dunedain RP - The Adventures of Macthad

    Quote Originally Posted by Spei View Post
    The Adventures of Macthad - website link

    The Adventures of Macthad

    My name is Macthad, but I am also called a great many other things. Sometimes a wanderer, other times a a vagabond, but most recently a Lore-master. The lands of my fathers are in Gondor, but I have been absent from those lands for far too many years to remember anything of my home land. It matters not to me for I have always been far more interested in past of others than my own, perhaps this is why they have come to to call me this "Lore-master". Enough about me, I start this journal, so that one day someone may study and learn from my adventures as I have learned from others.

    Day-1 - Cold winds of Misty Mountains. -- I have traveled far and never have I encountered the biting cold like that of the Misty Mountains. This cold has already made long for the hearth in the Last Homely Home In Imladris. With my pipe, I pondered over a many books about battle and adventure of past heroes.I have always longed to have adventures like those written in books and tomes. I was lost in these thoughts and almost found myself forgetting where I was, which happen quite often I might add. When I heard a loud squawk from above that snapped me back into the cold reality. Startled I looked up and found Fela, my raven, struggling in the wind to make his way to me. He crashed down on to my staff and told me of a goblin camp just over the pass. I have come to always expect that when goblins are present so is mischief. As we came to the top of the pass I took a knee to take in what I saw. There was a band of goblins that had set up a rather nice size camp. With at least ten big roaring fires, barricades, and patrol routes worn into the snow. One of the outpost was quite a bit further out from the others. I decided to take a little look around and see what kind of mischief these goblins were up to. Coming up to the back side of the outpost there was a very small cliff that was perfect for setting up an ambush. There were only two goblins at their post and a third heading in our direction from the main camp. Reaching into my satchel I grabbed a pouch of flash powder, traveling as much as I do you pick up many dirty useful tricks. The Three wretched things stood close together bickering among each other, as goblins always do. Reaching back I heaved the pouch at the patrolling goblin and Fela swooped down from off my staff to attack one guard. Rushing in I stuck, with all my might, the other guard across the head.Then, turning my attention to the one Fela was harassing; I finished his prey off with a few quick strikes. The last goblin, the patrol, regained his bearing and scurried off to warn the other post.(Now in my readings I have come across a many very interesting pieces of lore. These pieces of the past allow one that understands the natural world to do some amazing spectacles, but that is a long explanation that we just don't have time for at the moment.) I reached down and grabbed a hand full of debris. Reciting an old Anor chant, the debris began to smolder and then burst in to a small flame. Once again, reaching back I chucked the debris striking the goblin in the small of his back. Fela shot forward and finished off the struggling goblin. With them lying on the cold earth I searched the outpost for anything that would tell me what their purpose was. Atop a crate sat a missive, It spoke of a meeting with a guest in the highest camp to the south that night. Knowing I could never sneak my way to the top in time I sent Fela to be my eyes.

    --Standing next to the goblins fire I pulled out my pipe and a pouch of Gaimwich Braid pipe-weed. Smoking, I began to think who this Mysterious guest could possible be. My mind raced, maybe orcs, maybe men, maybe wargs, and maybe just more goblins. None of which sound like any good could of it. In deep thought puffing on my pipe, a Clang of metal arose behind me. Spinning around on my heels I grabbed more debris and held it tight. Beginning to chant the Anor hymns, I stopped and saw a dwarf waddling threw the snow.

    "Is that the way you welcome bitterly cold dwarf", he said Startled.

    "My apologies, but you should not be sneaking up on strangers in these parts",(though Dwarfs were never good a sneaking)I chuckled.

    "True enough, my friend,My name is Throge of Gloin's company, and yur name?"

    "Macthad, and your business out in these parts?" I have never meet a dwarf that I didn't like, but on the road you learn very quick to not trust many you meet.

    "My company and I watched as you went over that pass there. We wondered what yur business was in this goblin infested valley."

    "I am a traveler and go where my feet take me" being carefull to not give too much information.

    "These parts are no place for a traveler, i can assu..." just then Fela came swooping down and gave the dwarf a good scare.

    "No reason to get your beard all a rough, it is only my pet raven" Fela began to tell me what transpired at this meeting. When he told me that a dwarf was conversing with the goblins. I instantly became suspicious of my new dwarven guest and reached into my satchel to grab a pouch of flashing powder."My friend here says a dwarf was present at a goblin meeting atop that camp there."

    "I assure you that he was no part of my company, Gloin and his company were set forth here to seek out the where abouts of the trecherous Dourhands refuge."

    "I had heard rumors of their Betrayal at Thorin's gate, so they are true?"

    "Very much soo, and this news that you friend brings is most troubling. If you can Id like to invite you to our camp to discuss these events. We have food and ale"

    I have longed for some good dwarven ale ever since I visited Thorin's Halls "These are troubling event, I will accompany you back to your camp."

    We made it back Gloin's Camp here at the foot of an old dwarven fortress. Gloin is quite concerned that the Dourhand are consorting with goblins. He says he is working on a plan to assault the Dourhand's stronghold.

    Ill end it here for tonight. I am sitting fire side with some ale and sharing some of my pipe weed with the dwarfs, swapping stories of our travels, and ofcourse Gloin is telling the story of his adventure with Thorin, his company, and Bilbo Baggins the Burglar.

    by Macthad - LM - Proud Elder of the Dunedain of the North
    This is some of the RP that the DotN kinship are creating.
    Take a look at www.kinshipdunedain.net

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spei View Post
    Macthad's Adventures Entry #2 - READ MORE

    - Day 7 "A New Friend"

    I am sitting next to a hearth in my new friends home. Tomorrow we venture to the depths of Goblin town. Gloin was all too ready to make an assault on the dourhand's strong hold, seeing as how they betrayed his kin back in the Blue Mountains. I held counsel with him however before he made such a rash decision. I reminded him that the dwarfs were not acting alone. If he were to focus all his efforts on dealing with the dwarfs there would still be the bigger threat of goblin town to deal with. A grim look took over his face when I reminded him of that wretched hole that he had once fell victim to. I think he was trying to avoid Goblin town, but he knew it had to be dealt with. Then what I knew came forth... he asked me to plunge into the depths of a place he dared not to go(or send any of his dwarfs for that matter). I did not relish the idea of stumbling around in the filth and darkness. However I knew for the sake of the future ventures of the dwarfs and other travellers; it had to be done. Now I do have concern for other not as experienced travellers, but I think it was a much more selfish reason I took on this task. It was my yearning to have an adventure like heroes of old. After all Gloin was just reciting his tale of Goblin town last night. Gloin recruited others to assault the Dourhands, but I was sent alone to see what I could accomplish in Goblin Town. Gloin had a lot of confidence in my ability to accomplish this venture. I think it may have to do with the stories he told of Gandalf, who he had traveled with in these very mountains. Over some ale and a few pipes I showed them some tricks I had picked up in my travels. Again and again he would say with admiration, " Me old friend Gandalf use to do that one!" I am in no way in the same class of Gandalf, I am just simply a traveler with a few learned tricks. In Gloins mind I fear there was little distinction between my trick and Gandalf's abilities though. So with Gloin's confidence, some supplies, and my friend Fela I set off for Goblin Town.

    The weather began to take a turn for the worst as we closed in on our destination. I remembered the story Gloin told the night before and I retraced his steps to find Goblin Town. We just went over the last pass when in the distance I could see the sharp edges of a small dwarven structure. The wind was picking up and actually started blowing straight up. It would have been unwise to not take a nights rest before going down in to the halls of filth, that is Goblin Town. Fela was snuggled under my arm in my coat trying to stay warm any way he could. We struggled against the stinging winds as approached the building. We came upon its walls and began searching for an entrance.(Dwarf buildings often have entrance from tunnels not from the outside.) We came to one side and saw a small hole big enough for a small goblin to fit in. I didn't smell fire so i was doubtful that a goblin was taking refuge inside. However one never sticks their head in a hole without knowing whats on the other side, or one could be clobbered by a large club wielded by a Hobbit.( a story for another time). Fela was all to happy to get out of the frigid wind and ice. He waddled in and I waited for a few moments then I heard a screech. In I slid feet first to see my poor Fela pinned down by a lynx. With my staff I pushed the lynx off Fela, who flew up and perched on a shelf in the corner. The lynx was about to sprint out the hole in which we came when I called to her, knowing that out there only cold and death awaited her. I told her that there was no reason we could not all benefit from this sanctuary. She was quite skittish and very unsure. She definitely did not want to go outside however. I slowly reached for my backpack and set it on the stone floor. I then pulled out a piece of goat meat from the supplies the dwarfs had sent with me. The tension in the room lessened and she agreed to stay. We settled in, but there was still some tension present between Fela and our new friend Lynxy.(Which is still Present to this day, it is however a more friendly tension). I stared up a fire in the hearth, handed a slab of goat meat to Lynxy and began to cook the other slab of goat for me and Fela.

    One of the first skills you pick up while traveling is how to cook a nice meal. A nice meal can turn the most foul mood around. That reminding me of my first encounter with "The Dunedain of the North". Fela and I had set up camp right on the border of The Old Forest and The Barrow Downs. Now depending on who you ask, you will get different stories. The way I remember it, we had just set camp. Fela and I were arguing whether we should camp here or not.(He has always been overly cautious). I thought it was fine and began to start a fire. With the fire lit I threw some lamb I prepared earlier on the fire. Apparently we made more of a ruckus then I thought. Fela became very un-easy and in turn made me uneasy. Now I said Fela is a bit of a worrier, but he very rarely becomes alarmed for no reason. I stood up, took my staff in one hand and Fela perched atop it. We stood vigilantly looking into the darkness and heard a crack from behind us. Turning to the source of the sound; I threw a bit of powder on the fire, making a large green flame.

    When from behind us we heard a calm voice,"Put down your stick and you tricks, I mean you no harm."

    A man walked out from the bushes very calmly. He was dressed rather drab, with a grey hooded cloak, dark armour, and a halberd in hand. He looked much like the ruffians I saw on my way here. All I could muster was,"Where is the rest of you?"

    "We are everywhere,but as for right here I am the only one." he said confidently.

    I was beginning to feel quite uneasy with the confidence he spoke with. After all he did just come onto me in a most suspicious manner. With my staff still in hand and Fela off perched in a tree I ask," what are you doing in these part?"

    "I was passing through... Same as you. You know this isn't a great place to set up camp?"

    "Its well enough, and I can manage myself." I said trying to sound more confident then I was.

    "Don't mistake my concern for lack of confidence in your abilities."

    He talked to me as if he knew who I was, which just made me even more uneasy. "You have me at a disadvantage it seems, for you talk as if you know who I am."

    "Excuse my manners, I am Bestone, Elder of the Dunedain of the North."

    I had heard of such a Kin. He certainly fit the description and even wore the silver brooch shaped like a pointed star. I began to loosen up a little and to confirm his identity I asked," When Was Anor found?"

    "Second age 3320 by Eleldil." he said quickly.

    I was much more comfortable for I knew that some common ruffian would not know such history. I loosened the grasp on my staff and Fela swooped down from the tree. Bestone saw that I was comfortable with him coming closer. He sat down next to the fire; removing his cloak and setting
    his halberd down. I asked ask how he found me, because I know the old forest in which I passed threw was a most awful maze. He answered,"I did hear some squabbling, but most of all this lamb you are roasting can be smelt from Bree. That night we shared some lamb, drinks, and some stories. Over the night we found out that our destination was the same, we were both heading to Rivendell. That meal turned what was a most peculiar night into the start of my journey with Bestone to Rivendell and how I am now a member of "The Dunedain of the North."

    Now that's how I remember it, I do believe however Bestone has an alternative story, but enough about that.

    That night Fela, Lynxy and I took refuge next to the fire. I began to think what was in store for in Goblin Town. Lynxy told me that she had been to the entrance of Goblin Town. She continued to tell me that she was not always alone in this dwarven building. She had cubs of her own and told me that some goblin scout had raided her den while she was out hunting. When she came back she could smell the filth of goblins but not the sweet scent of her cubs. I could tell that it was very difficult to speak of. I advised her that vengeance is never a good motive to do anything, but if she would like she could accompany us to Goblin Town. I could see the fire of determination behind her eyes as she agreed. I partly invited her, because everyone should have the right to make things right, but also I know that Fela did not like caves and being underground. Discussing it with Fela he wanted to at least see us to the entrance, but then would roost here in Lynxy's den and scout the area. With that settled we all are falling a sleep for we have a big day tomorrow. I now sit listening the gentle purring of Lynxy; It is most relaxing.

    by Macthad - LM - Proud Commander of the Dunedain of the North
    This is the continuation of the Adventures of Macthad.
    Take a look at www.kinshipdunedain.net and http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...99#post6386699

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    Middle-earth ScreenShots Competition!

    The Dúnedain of the North are happy to let you all know that you can now enter your screenshots in the Middle-earth ScreenShots Competition! The rules are very simple and the winning screenshots will then be posted in our Kinship Turbine Portal

    The rules are few and simple.

    (1) You may post as many as you wish.
    (2) Dúnedain Website Register users can enter.
    (3) The Shots only can come from THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE™ interactive video game © 2012 Warner Bros.
    (4) The screenshots can be of anything ingame.
    (5) Please do not use mods to enhance the picture, although highlights are cool and very much encouraged!
    (6) The prize will be mailed or delivered in person ingame to the player main character associated with the account Dúnedain website.
    (7) Be aware that you will only receive the prize if you have a valid character name associated with your account to then send the prize.

    Good luck have fun. Make your kinship proud!
    Dúnedain Council of Officers


    Good luck to all participants!
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    The Ettenmoors Battle - DotN Movie

    The Ettenmoors were a mountainous, wild, and untamed land that lay north of Rivendell. It was here that in T.A. 1975 the Witch-king of Angmar fled after his defeat in the Battle of Fornost. Chieftain Arador was slain by trolls in this area in 2930.

    Also called the troll-fells, the region was likely infested with Trolls.

    The Ettenmoors included the land of the Ettendales, which consisted of valleys reaching into the foothills of the Misty Mountains.

    It is speculated that Mount Gram, from where a host of Orcs attacked the Shire, was located in the Ettenmoors.

    Ettnemoors is the map that we pass mostly of time PvMP.

    Thanks to the Withywindle Freeps and Creeps for making this movie possible!

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    Kinship Easter Event - DotN Movie

    1. ‘Bree- tour’
    A trip through the alleys of Bree

    2. Elimination of Evil
    ‘Barrow Downs’
    elimination of the evil spirits
    and other ghastly monsters

    3. Easter Egg hunt
    Instead of Easter eggs, we hide our
    Officers in Thorin’s Hall to be found

    4. Sparring
    participants had the chance to
    lock horns with one another

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    The Return of the Dúnadan - DotN Movie

    The Return of the Dúnadan

    Dúnedain of the North
    Withywindle Kinship

    Website: http://kinshipdunedain.net
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/D%C3%B...98279590280169

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    The Spring Event - DotN Movie

    Thank you Skombijane and Sinjen for this wonderfull event!

    After we've all gathered at the Bree Westgate, shot of some fireworks etc. we travel to the shire...

    1. Relay at Delving Fields
    The participants will be divided into groups of five.
    Officers will be waiting at the start/finish line.
    Participants will be placed at 4 checkpoints along the track.
    The first person of every group is handed an item by an officer. On signal the first person runs to the second person of his group, trades the item. The second person runs to the third person and so on.... The last group member has to trade the item back to the officer that handed out the item to the group.
    The fastest group wins -- all 5 of the group members will win a prize.

    2. Fishing
    Our next stop is Hobbiton Lake, Bywater.
    Everyone can pick up a fishing rod there.
    Whoever catches the most fish wins.

    3. Simon Says.... at Bree Southgate (good spot since covered in flowers and this is the spring event
    This will be a variation of the traditional simon says.
    One officer will be performing one emote after the other (only free ones)
    The participants copy the emote.
    Ppl who do a wrong emote have the change to try again.
    The last person to perform the emote won't be able to move on into the next round thus the group will shrink one by one. Last person (=fastest person) wins.
    We can do more than one rounds.

    4. Sparring at Bree Southgate
    Finally participants will have the chance to lock horns with one another outside Bree. Higher levels might want to bring along their frying pan
    We will try to match players of similar lvls together and give the low lvls a change to join in.

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    Captain Fearless and the fearsome warg - DotN RP

    1th Day
    I begin my journey to Ettenmoors. I ride towards Glan Vraig and when I get there I talk to some local vendores and after buy some provisions I prepare my belongings to my quest for the Mordirith's Helm that belong to the Northern men, but was lost after an ambush to a group of Rangers.

    2th Day
    I pass the gates of Glan Vraig and when I enter the wilderness I have a strange feeling I'm being followed. I try to reassure myself that it's only a concern because of the stories I heard from hunters in the local tavern.

    6th Day
    For four days I've traveled ever deeper into unexplored territory. I am fueled by the thrill of these unknown realms! The wildlife has been rich, keeping my belly full and thus helping my journey remain swift. I'm not sure how much deeper this wilderness extends, but I'll keep pushing on.

    7th Day
    The terrain has turned mountainous after I passed the river. From this peak I can almost see back to the region of the Tol Ascamen stronghold. Fewer animals roam this region. In fact it is strangely quiet. No birds fill the trees or skies and nothing rustles in the underbrush. Nature is not in balance, here, though I've yet to discover why.

    8th Day
    I am being pursued. I'm not sure what it is, but it has been chasing me for hours. It is a hunter like none I've ever seen. This shallow cave from where I write is probably a temporary hiding place, at best. This creature - it's fast and clever. It can smell fear and hear a beating heart from miles away! I sunk my halberd deep in its chest, but it didn't even slow down! I must cease this entry and resume my vigil. I have no doubt it's coming for me.

    9th Day
    I have not slept in two days, but no matter. I must keep moving – the incident at the cave made that clear. I was very lucky to escape that encounter.

    My stalker warg has a name: Boshal. The creature howls, but only in order to terrorize its prey. I am almost out of strength. I've lost count of how many days I don't sleep, and I try attack with my halberd only to have little effect. I still have found no Helm - only stripped carcasses left from Boshal's hunts. With but a handful of Blue Berries in my gut and no rest, I'm sure my stealthy behavior will begin to fail.

    10th Day
    Not much time to write. I have doubts I'll evade my hunter much longer. My hope is that this journal be recovered and serve as a warning and guide to others Rangers. I feel weak and I'm crashing through the underbrush like panicked tenderfoot. I'm sure my ultimate confrontation with Boshal is imminent.

    11th Day
    Boshal's roasted flesh was a little gamy, but a full stomach helps to bring the world back into focus. I was certain my fate was sealed. The hunter had chased me into a swamp. Convinced of his kill, he slowly approached my position, toying with me as cat plays with a mouse.

    Suddenly I heard a commotion and an inhuman scream, then the slosh of something wading directly towards me through the knee-deep swamp. From the mist emerged my kinshipsmen, Bartz and Stavrandir. By luck, their explorations had brought them to my location. The two refreshed Rangers handily defeated the wounded Boshal. At last I can sleep, though at the Sun's first light, we must return to the Glan Vraig. The Chietain has summoned us to the gathering. My tale of battle with the this great hunter may be lost in the shadow of a greater threat...
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    Tales of Mirkwood - Chapter I

    Chapter 1 – Secrets of the old Elven Tower

    I settled myself down on the edge of the clearing in the woods of Mirkwood just as the setting sun threw flames of thin dark cloud across the sky. In the sinking light I could clearly see the silhouette of the abandoned tower, a needle of stone rising from the dusty forest floor with just one opening, a window. The window was shuttered tight with a heavy block of dark wood, more functional than decorative.

    I had been sent here as part of a quest, to discover more about recent unusual events in the area and report back to our Chieftain.

    "Something's going on in the woods near the old elves tower," Halbarad, my old friend had told me. "Local people have described strange sounds at night and the following day have found carcasses of dead animals strewn all over the forest. I'm sending Sotana, The Hunter, to take a closer look. You should go too, it would be good experience, and our elves allies requested our help."

    I felt a swell of pride at the chance to work for the Dúnedain. It had been my only home since I left Rohan and my brothers. I had been very happy there, but my days as a Rohirrim Commander were soon to come to an end when Aragorn requested me to join the Dúnedain.

    I turned my attention back to the tower. As I looked the rough stone up and down a sharp rush of ice cold air swirled around my head. I shivered and pulled the hood of my cloak and I covered my head. My eyes followed the pointed roof to the darkening sky, where the last rays of the sun snuffed out and made way for the first tentative stars of the night. Despite my fearless spirit, the darkness that surrounded me advised me caution, because the great Mirkwood is also known by the Forest of Great Fear.

    Sotana arrived, removed the hood from his head and threw his hand in greeting. "There you are Bestone. I had a look around and there is something odd about this place," he took a perch on a log beside me. "Most of the forest is full of darkness and dont have any colour, I explored much of the forest and around the old elves' tower everything seems dead. The trees are just decaying stumps, there are no animals, not a single bird to be seen or heard. In fact the only thing in abundance here is a strange black fungus, growing in the crevices of the dead trees. I've picked a bit and bagged it up ready to take back to Ost Galadh."

    Our conversation was interrupted by spooky howls, and each time it was more intense.

    "I thought that this part of the forest was supposed to be empty," I said to Sotana; "Where all these beasts appear?"

    "How more like. There are no stairs to the room at the top of the tower, the only way in and out is through the window."

    As we watched, a face appeared at the window, eyes closed and upturned to bask in the light of a full moon in a cloudless navy blue sky. It was the face of a beautifull elf girl, exquisite in appearance, with a white and flawless complexion, cascading golden hair and full red lips. She stood in this pose for some minutes before opening her eyes to survey the view from her window.

    She seemed to be looking for something, searching the horizon with keen eyes the colour of a knife blade.

    After a while she stopped. She took a deep breath and started to sing. It was not a song, it had no words, just a meandering, mesmerising tune. The kind of tune that made you forget who you are, where you were and why you were there. It invaded your body, clouding your mind and wrapping itself tightly around your heart, dissolving all your worries and sorrows and unexpectedly filling you with deep joy. It was like a trance and soon began to appear from nowhere animals who dared to enter a place that was lifeless.

    I was reluctantly roused from my spellbound state by Sotana roughly shaking my shoulder. "Bestone, please wake up Bestone!". I forced my eyes open and took a deep breath.

    "What?" I asked Sotana, who put a finger to his lips to warn me to be quiet and pulled me back into the hollow of a fungus-infested tree.

    " She is magnificent!" I whispered, as she stopped singing and stood bathing in moonlight again. I studied the crescent curve of her cheek, the gentle swell of her breathing, the moonlight twinkling in every curve of her hair.

    As I tried to organise the buzz of questions that were forming in my head, the girl resumed singing. A rumbling and rustling of undergrowth began, slowly and far off at first, then gradually gaining momentum. Animals that should have been coccooned in sleep were gathering in the clearing by the tower, glassy-eyed and moving stiffly, as if their muscles were not their own.

    The girl sat on the edge of the stone window sill, and I realised that she was wearing a thin, white nightdress in the frosty night. I shivered in sympathy, but if she felt the cold, she did not show it. She picked up a comb and as she sang she slowly smothed out her golden hair, sending each shining tress to hang down the wall of the tower and lightly brush the dusty forest floor far, far below.

    I followed every stroke of her comb until the very last strand had been teased out, pulled flat and made to shine like golden thread, she twisted it into a thick rope and attached it to a hook above the window.

    "What is she doing?" I asked Sotana, but he just nudged me and stared, open-mouthed as the girl began to scale the wall using the rope of hair.

    As soon as her bare feet hit the ground, the animals seemed to wake from their trance and began to panic, aimlessly running, climbing, digging, frantically trying to escape.

    The girl chased after them, lunging and grabbing until her hands closed on the back leg of a doe. Despite the creature's kicking and struggling, the girl stared it straight in the eyes and sang to it. I noticed its legs begin to wobble and then it lay, breathing heavily, its muscles awkward and stiff, as if it was paralysed.

    The girl snarled with a mouthful of dagger teeth and with great relish sank them into the neck of the deer. She slurped and sucked, murmuring grunts and groans of deep satisfaction with each mouthful. The doe didn't struggle or complain; it just quietly accepted its fate, eventually closing its eyes to the world and flopping over to announce its departure. I was expecting to feel shock or dread at such a pitiful sight. Instead I felt the heat of adrenalin splashing and twisting through my veins.

    "What kind of creature is this?" the words were out of my mouth before I could control them.

    The girl wiped deer blood from her chin and looked around.

    "Bestone!" Sotana threw me a look of puzzled warning and pushed us both as far back into the dead tree as he could.

    The girl dropped the dead doe and began to slowly circle the edge of the clearing, singing and swaying from foot to foot. When she reached the tree Sotana and I were hiding in she lifted her eyes to meet mine and I felt my body freeze, unable even to blink.

    She kept on singing and dancing. Through glazed eyes I could see her getting closer. I heard Sotana shouting but his voice was muffled and distant. A flutter in my stomach and the sensation of the rest of the world passing by told me that it was not her moving but me, slowly leaving the tree and Sotana behind.

    It felt like floating, but I guess I was walking stiffly, like the animals had.

    She was so close to me I could smell her scent. Not blood and death, as I had expected, but lillies and carnations, flowers I remember from my mother's funeral. She sniffed the air close to my ears and as soon as her eyes no longer held mine in their iron gaze, I felt movement return first to my eyelids then to the rest of my body. I was about to turn and run when I heard her speak, her breath as cool as snowflakes brushing my cheek.

    "Come with me.......stay with me." she repeated over and over again in a voice swollen with desperation and desire.

    A yell from Sotana cut through the fog, full of echo and distortion, calling my name. The girl turned and shrieked at him and he was thrown violently back against the hollow of the dead tree trunk, sending a cloud of black fungal spores into the night air.

    She stopped singing and started flapping her hands to shoo away the spores, coughing and sneezing, her eyes streaming with tears. She hissed and backed away, flopping to the ground and choking to regain her breath.

    Sotana grabbed me and pulled me into the tree.

    "The fungus, it's a barrier, she can't cross it and can't breathe the spores." Sotana announced triumphantly, "it's her weakness. We have found our salvation."

    I didn't feel his elation; I just felt her pain.

    Sotana turned from me and began scooping up fungus from the dead tree. I looked at the girl. She was standing in a shaft of moonlight in the clearing, still coughing and sneezing.

    "Who are you?" I called. She looked directly at me, still coughing and clutching at her aching temples.

    The answer came as a voice in my head, a sound taking over my ears and brain.

    "I am Mina." she crooned. "So alone, so lonely."

    The whispering started again. "Come with me....stay with me."

    I studied the graceful, nightdress-clad beauty before me. I felt her despair, descending and dark, cold enough to freeze. She was a contradiction. Helpless yet forceful; vulnerable and invincible at the same time.

    I pushed myself toward her and knelt and waited for the honour to be bestowed upon me. I bared my neck and braced myself for the exquisite pain. When it came I felt myself begin to let go of my humanity. Out drained anxiety, pain and loneliness along with compassion, warmth and laughter. I was focussed now, I knew who I was and why I was, I felt liberated.

    "So alone," I began to whisper. "I am so lonely."

    "Come with me... stay with me," she repeated . I joined my voice with hers.

    I took her by the hand and together we climbed up into the tower.

    (continues briefly in the next chapter...)

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    Kinship Event - Slayer Deeds

    Many of the Dunedain of the North members have been concerned to get their Virtues in good rank.
    It is clear that the slayer deeds are boring when we do it alone.

    It also was a good opportunity to make groups of lvl45 plus and end the slayers deeds in Angmar, Carn Dum, Urugarth and Barad Gularan.

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    Rune-Keeper Basic Guide

    Dúnedain of the North kinship made a basic guide of Rune-keepers.

    You can find it:Rune-Keeper Basic Guide

    Hope you enjoy and give suggestions.

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    The Dúnedain of the North makes daily raids!

    You can consult the Raid Calendar in: Dúnedain Raid Calendar

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    The foundation of the Dúnedain of the North

    At one time, Withywindle had been a thriving server with a few veteran players and many new players and kinships. Real world things (families, school, etc.) take its toll and the numbers neverincreased drastically. It was during this period that some veterans players realized that there should change, if the server was going to continue to thrive. Read More Dúnedain Blog

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    Why I play LotRO at DotN kinship

    I've been meaning to write a post about LotRO, the DotN kinship and why I like it. The first, and foremost reason is that I love Tolkien and our community environment. I read the books and they captivated me because is a story full of fantasy, which is based on mythological and historical traditions with a grain of magic and is not only a tale of enthralling adventures and mythical beings, but it also touches upon some questions of philosophy and morality. Heroic deeds, the unity for the sake of a common cause, true love, the triumph of Good over Evil. Rivendell and Lorien, which are the strongholds of Good, in contrast Mordor is an abode of Evil. Read More at DotN Blog

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    New Raider Basic Combat Training at Carn Dum

    Good Job to all new raiders. Hope you all learn not to aggro everything and follow the CJ XD :whistle:

    Read more at Dunedain of the North Forum

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    The Dúnedain's Duty - Kinship Movie

    I have the honor to present the new film of our kinship.
    The Dunedain's Duty. The images were taken of our raids and, of course, the Ettenmoors. Enjoy!

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    Captain Class Basic Guide - DotN

    Our kinship created a basic guide about the Captain class.
    Many of our members are asking for guides to guide them in their classes, complaining that after the update much of the information available has become obsolete.
    We'll try to make some topics with some information at http://kinshipdunedain.net.

    Read the full Guide: Captain Class Basic Guide
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    Ettenmoors PvMP Basic Guide - DotN Kinship

    The Dúnedain of the North kinship made a basic guide about the Ettenmoors PvMP. We hope it will be helpful to everyone.

    Read the complete PvMP guide: Ettenmoors PvMP Basic Guide

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    DotN Kinship Anniversary & Winter Event

    < Show Script >
    Welcome to the Dunedain Winter 2014 Kin Event and our 2nd Anniversary as a Kin! I am so glad you all could make it and hope you have a lot of FUN! Before we begin, there is something that I need everyone to understand. All prizes will be awarded after the event, and mailed to you.
    Blysriel is secretary for the event and will keep track of all the winners. The reason for this is I do not wish to slow down the event and given the value of the prizes, I definitely don't want any mistakes made I am going to have to send out 50 different mails so don't get mad if you don't get your prize winnings in 30 seconds please.

    Reading the Instructions for each event will be the difference from 1st to last place so please read, and don't cry because you didn't! You have been warned These events may seem easy at first but they're not! It will also be helpful to have paper/pen handy for a few of these events.

    Now on to the races, 62%, 68% and Warsteed race. We will run the race in groups of six and as many times for each speed as is necessary for everyone to participate. Each group of six will run 2 laps around the track. First six to line up makes a group. No speed buffs plz!
    You must adhere to the track, that is the only rule. There are spotters on the track, and if you cut corners too grieviously it will be the spotters call to disqualify you. These will be the qualifying rounds. The winner of each of these groups will then compete with each other for the finals which will be 3 laps.
    Please do not stand on or near the start/finish line.

    May the chickens please line up to start the event!

    The 2nd Event is an Individual Scavenger Hunt! You will need to find the following items which can be found in the Shire and in Bree. You will need to find A Chef's Apron (lol since I am a chef), also a Whitebranch, Beakbreaker Ale, Blagrove's Brown, and a Sword. I will be at the theater in Bree.
    First kinnie to open trade with me with these items is the winner . Only three rules, NO Warsteeds or 68 speed mounts and NO Swift travel of any kind either by stable or port/muster. Please don't cheat, I have crabins everywhere watching!
    These rules are to make it fair for all levels who may not have better forms of travel than you

    Now we are on to the Cosmetic Costume Contest! We will start with the Best representation of your class category. Each person participating in this category needs to come stand by me until you are qued by Thud to enter the stage.
    You will each walk to the stage, one by one. Thud will introduce each of you while you do a 360, take a bow, whatever pose you like and then exit stage left past Thud.

    As for the judging.....
    Each person in a category needs to pay attention to your competitors as you are the judges. After each category, you will IM me with the name of who you think is best. You MAY NOT vote for yourself!! And do NOT IM me with a choice if you are not competing in the category please!

    We will proceed with this method for the remaining categories. A very important item to mention is that the Kinsman/Kinswoman category will be divided by gender, so naturally there will two winners As this is our 2nd Anniversary, the 2 winners of the Best Kinsman/woman category will win the following:
    *One week exclusive rights to the kin bedroom * Kinsmen of the month award * coupon for 10 free /hugs * VIP parking at the kin house for your steed * 20g *Sturdy Steel Key *Lootbox
    So first is Best in Class, 2nd is Best Kinswoman, 3rd is Best Kinsman, 4th is Most elegant/Distinguished.
    Now i need everyone to form a group in front of the Prancing Pony behind me and we will be marching to the South Gate where we can mount up and ride to the Kin House to start the next event

    Everyone take a 10 Minute break to do what you want or need to do.

    Grand Finale Time! Everyone inside the kin house! We will wait for several minutes to be sure everyone has loaded the Kin house and is ready to begin.
    This is a very simple event Haha....Count the number of FLAMES inside the kin house, first person to IM me with the correct number wins the grand prize, Enjoy! No hints here

    Read More ...



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