I thought I'd try starting a forum where people can talk to one another and schedule a housing swap (or sell.) I've tried to buy houses in the general/trade chat but it's just not reaching enough people or the right person.

So what I'll ask you do is simply state the following:

What server your on: Brandywine

Character Name: Philibart

Which House you want/have: 4 Wending Way (Deluxe House)

Which race: Hobbit

Are you looking to buy the house from someone or sell a house you own: I want to buy the house.

A general amount you're willing to pay (if looking for a donated houses (meaning they abandon it and then you pay for a whole new house, without paying the leaving home-owner) leave blank): 10 gold. (if you want anything more, please feel free to ask if/when you mail Philibart)

Up above is what I'm looking to buy and my information, I'll also ask that you do NOT post on this forum when you have an available house to sell or are going to buy someone, but that you contact the person ONLY in mail inside LoTRO. If you plan everything on this forum it will spam the forum and it can increase the chances of someone stopping by and camping your house as you exchange it and try to nab it.

If this is a terrible idea feel free to ignore it, I just haven't seen anything like this on the boards and I don't think it violates any of the rules so I thought I'd start it.