Been popping out in the moors more often now that I finally have a toon that's not only max leveled but has a bit of low- moderately decent gear (only a couple of pieces of raid gear, but overall I can't complain for a part time player). Had a lot of fun, finally got up to rank 5, fed Farmpaws and other wargs plenty and had a good time. My son- dwarf champ Filibuster- says the same. He's had a great time!

Learning that when i'm by myself I'm little more than bait. With the inductions and my lack of skills, I'm pretty much dead on my own to anyone who catches me. But having one or two others even in a similar sized group- then it's a different story. Had a lot of fun learning to play- cause it's a whole different game out there.

So overall thanks for making it fun- on both sides, and those who have grouped with us or fought against us. You should hear the yelling and cheering when we take some of you down (and you probably know who you are). And the patience and help by the other freeps has been most appreciated.