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    Outgoing Healing Cap and +x% healing bonus

    I should probably know this by now, but are bonuses that add directly to your out going healing percentage i.e the +3-7% from each major ballad and the +10% from the blue line 4set bonus not effected by the outgoing healing cap?

    My tactical mastery gives me 47% outgoing healing before we start a fight (so with tales, scrolls etc), so I'm assuming traited blue line with 3 major ballads gives me a total of 78% Outgoing healing (47% base + 21% from ballads + 10% 4 traits in the blue line bonus). Or is it still capped at 50%.

    Alternatively have I completely misunderstood how outgoing healing bonuses work?

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    Re: Outgoing Healing Cap and +x% healing bonus

    Skills that give direct % bonuses usually can go over the caps.

    For example Calming Verse from RK (+10% healing) can put you at 60% and Guardian's Block Stance can raise you over the 25% cap, haven't check on mini but I guess it works the same

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    Re: Outgoing Healing Cap and +x% healing bonus

    So far as I have seen, Tactical mastery caps at +50% to outgoing healing.

    There is no cap that I have seen, as to how much "buffs" can augment healing. This is easy to see when you have any amount of certain "amplifiers" on your healing.



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