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Thread: Backstory?

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    Hey! I'm not new to RP, but a complete newcomer to LOTRO RP. I know enough of the Lore, etc, not exactly everything, but I've read all of the books. Just wondering, is this backstory acceptable for my Human Minstrel, Velynia?

    Velynia Merendith was born in Bree to a farmer mother and a minstrel father. She learned to toil in the farms from her mother, and play instruments from her Father. However, on a hunting trip with her Father, they were ambushed by Highwaymen. She barely escaped with her life, but never saw her Father again.
    She now resides in Bree, after a few years of travelling around Bree-Land, spending a good few years in Archet previously, and plays for local Inns frequently, et cetera.

    Not too exciting, but I prefer to keep it down-to-earth. So, my question is - Does this sound like an acceptable backstory?

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    Re: Backstory?

    It sounds like a great start, Starvald. Definitely believable, very fitting for a Woman of Bree.

    If you're on Landroval, hopefully our characters will get a chance to meet sometime.
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