Hello everyone, now, most of you clicking on this thread may immediately be thinking, "This idiot is on the wrong forum for the wrong game." All of you are correct, and deserve a cookie for your higher-then-average intelligence.

I started LOTRO probably a year ago, and loved it. However, I did take a month of and immigrated to the Legendary Game we all know and love last November (Skyrim, for the people who didn't get the hint). I played the game into submission, have maxed out all of my stats, collected most of the valuable important for my character, completed a lot of the game. I played so much that I almost got sick of it.

I'm back on LOTRO, playing Skyrim from time to time now, but I'm sorry for making all of you read that last tidbit, that was a waste of all of your time, but I do not want to delete it because it would be a waste of MY time, I'll be selfish... more than half of you really don't care, all you want is a cool, badass kinship in Silverlode right?

Cutting to the Chase - my love of Skyrim and it's epic history led me to establish The Companions on LOTRO. And yes, my name in-game is Ysgramor, if any of you don't know who that is I suggest you google him. I have shelfed my main character and have full focus on Ysgramor and The Companions. I knew being a low leveled leader of the kin definitely scares most higher leveled toons away, but I just want to let you guys know my motives -

Knowing I will not get High Leveled players into the kin without me being one, I tend to recruit lower leveled players, which means most of the new members are new to the game. I myself help every newbie member learn the game, that way, our kin will be veterans, and our kin will be big and mighty by the time all of our members get further into the game.

The kin right now is Rank 2, we started yesterday. I created the Kin when I myself was level 2, I am now level 26. The kin has nearly 3 pages of active members, and almost all of them are on at the same time.

If your a newer player or are just making an alt and want a fun kin (and your into Skyrim, of course.) Please send a tell to me, Ysgramor, in game.

For higher players that are not interested, some great kinships on Silverlode that I would highly recommend are:

knights of the round
Lords of Brotherhood
Warsong Nation
Brotherhood of the Balrog
Rising Phoenix