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    Council of Elders / Imaldris

    Greetings: We seek players of all levels and classes, particularly higher level tanks and healers. We are a kin of older players and you must be over 21 and mature. Visit our kin forum at --- CoE.lotrosites.net and read our kin guidelines located in forum/general discussion. If our kin appeals to you, contact Paladiran, Leafcutter, Aon, Urus, Ringdar, Phaereth, Noibo, Elanduril, or Celentuil. We are a level 10 kinship with 93 toons at present. We seek players who intend to level their toons to cap, so we can run some end game content as kin. We all have alts leveling. We are game oriented and serious about everything LOTRO, and our Kin, yet we have fun and many laughs. Middle-earth is where we go after our RL responsibilities are done. We have little patience for drama seekers or for players who are full of themselves. If your kind, courteous, considerate and friendly, send in game mail/tell and we will respond. In game mail is better, as this forum is not viewed daily. Be well and happy hunting!
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    Crickhollow Kinship Directorate ~ Paladiran Kin Leader 115 Hunter, r10; Leeafe 105 Lore-master, r1, Agrro 115 Minstrel, r5, Gaarrd 115 Guardian, Valann 105 Captain, Elvwing 115 Rune-keeper, Sneakky 115 Burglar, r3; Chaamp 115 Champion. Shifta 100 Beorning, Siegun 105 Warden, Heeals 93 Minstrel, Staarr 110 High Elf Hunter



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