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    WTB/T Heavy Yew (Cross)Bow recipe / Expert woodworker scoll cases.

    After levelling from 28 to 29 killing 40-xp mobs looking for Expert Woodworker scoll cases, I have piles of every -other- type of Expert scroll case, a few Woodworker recipes I didn't know existed, and no Heavy Yew Bow or Crossbow recipe.

    I'm looking to aquire either the Bow or Crossbow recipe or a pile of Expert Woodworker scroll cases. I have between 5 and 14 of the other professions' scroll cases to trade, or will listen to a reasonable price.

    IGN is Rawling... Post here or IM me or just COD the recipe.
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    Re: WTB/T Heavy Yew (Cross)Bow recipe / Expert woodworker scoll cases.

    To whomever it was that sent me this recipe, and some more besides... Thank you very much, and I'm terribly sorry but I didn't write down your name and now you're gone from my mailbox Let me know if you ever need anything.

    Edit: Found you. Cheers again.
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