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    In-Game Piles of Treasure/Loot

    Hello all,

    I was looking for an appropriate thread to tack this onto but couldn't find one. I'd like to take some screenshots of my Burglar in a character-appropriate setting, and was trying to find a place in the game that has piles of loot/goodies -- the idea would be to illustrate an idea similar to many of the "take back our stuff from the enemy" quests that are scattered throughout Middle Earth. However, I can't really think of anywhere with appropriate scenery -- the closest thing I can think of is that little area just east of the 21st hall that's only accessible through a passage far to the east, and even that only has a little bit of junk to reclaim.

    It may just be the nature of the way the game is designed, but can anyone think of a place with this kind of scenery/setup?
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    Re: In-Game Piles of Treasure/Loot

    You mean like the piles of gold coins at the Forgotten Treasury?

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    Re: In-Game Piles of Treasure/Loot

    Sounds like Draigoch's Lair might be the place for you!

    Though if your sig is up to date and your main char, then you might have to level a bit.

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    Re: In-Game Piles of Treasure/Loot

    Draigoch definitely.

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