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    Naming Men of Bree

    I was going to try and give playing a Captain a shot, and decided I may as well use the Bree Nationality as it would be the easiest to piece into the existing world without too much stretching. The problem comes with the simple names, as most will already be taken. I thought about digging into other names, but am not really an expert and not sure if what I find wil be appropriate. I usually google medieval names, which is how i came upon this one. It doesn't really fit, and none of the norse names I've dug up for other uses would really fit either.

    How did you all get by with unique names while still following the Bree "Guidlines?"

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    Re: Naming Men of Bree

    One of my characters is a Man (well, Woman) of Bree too, and I just tried out "old fashioned" names until I found one that wasn't taken. Generally, any name that isn't too obviously modern or related to real world religion (no "Christians" or "Christines") should do. Sorry if that isn't helpful.

    Norse names aren't necessarily unfitting for Breelanders IMHO, though I would reserve the names most obviously of that origin ("Leif", "Brynhild" or the like) for Men of Dale.

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    Re: Naming Men of Bree

    In the past I've found Welsh names that aren't taken in Lotro and, to my non-expert eye, seem to fit in just nicely. The shorter ones at least; some of the longer ones look better suited for an Elf or Dunedain

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    Re: Naming Men of Bree


    Check out the link and you'll find many names or elements of names that will be familiar. They're not all Bree appropriate but it will help you construct a unique name.

    Also, google onomastics (the study of the origin history and use of proper names) to see if something turns up. Good luck.

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    Re: Naming Men of Bree

    I have two characters from Bree-land. What I did, was took names I wanted that were already in use.

    1 was Rodrick
    1 was Marvin

    Both were taken. So I changed Rodrick to Rodrie and Marvin to Marvis.

    Worked for me. Don't be afraid to alter a name a bit and see what you come up with.

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    For people of Bree, most of the names are taken. Try adding an extra letter. Like I have a character named Katheriine, because Katherine itself was taken.

    And my friend, has a character named Franciis.

    Maybe this helped at all?

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