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Thread: Spiders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelsan View Post
    Wanted to give everyone quick glimpse at the Weaver changes coming in U6. A Dev Diary will be posted in the near future with more details, but here's a quick sample.

    As player potency has increased, it has become increasingly difficult for a finesse/control class like the Weaver to maintain its place on the battlefield. With this revision, we're not looking to change the way the Weaver plays, but to build upon the existing mechanics.
    The general concept was to make the Weaver a late-game threat by weakening her opponent while bolstering her own abilities.


    • Provide the Weaver with increased survivability and burst dps while maintaining the core of the class.
    • Create synergistic skill rotations that allows for a variety of play-styles.

    Venom Pips
    • Weaver will now generate a new Pip type called "Venom", whenever they use Poison skills.
    • Each Venom Pip increases the Resistance Penetration of their skills and the Damage of their Poison skills.
    • Total Number of Venom Pips: 5
    • Decay Rate: 1 Pip per second out of combat.

    Venom fuels two new situation skills designed to provide the Weaver with solid burst and sustainability.
    Drink Deep
    • A strong melee skill that replenishes a portion of the Weaver's health.

    Virulent Poison
    • A Ranged attack that applies a strong Poison DoT. Should the DoT be cured the target takes instant poison damage.

    Web Skill Update
    • A stacking effect applied by most of the Weaver’s web skills. Ensnared places has no negative impact on the target, but can be converted into Venom Pips via a new skill.

    • Consumes the caster's Ensnared effect with the potency being determined by the number of stacks on the target.
    1 Stack: Weak Damage; Generates 2 Venom Pips
    2 Stacks: Moderate Damage; Generates 4 Venom Pips
    3 Stacks: Heavy Damage; Generates 5 Venom Pips

    Plus many more skill and trait revisions... to be revealed in the Dev Diary.
    The moors will once again feel the wrath from spiders everywhere.

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    Re: Spiders

    Sounds good but I'll echo the concerns of others... time to upgrade the damage type from common.
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