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Thread: R.I.P pugit

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    R.I.P pugit

    Well i found it odd he and his alts were off my friends list
    So when i tried adding them again it said they didn't exist, so my guess is he changed server without notice

    For who didn't know pugit, he was one of the top 3 pug leaders on vilya, with a extreme expirience in pugging draigoch.
    He was one of the best healing captains iv'e seen in my time in LOTRO
    You will be missed pugit, and i believe i'm not the only one.


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    Re: R.I.P pugit

    Aw that's sad... he was an awesome raid leader.
    Morphen- Hunter
    Morpheth- Rank 6 Spider
    Kinship- "Tolkien's Legacy" on Vilya

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    Re: R.I.P pugit

    I don't get it...

    Did he transfer or did he die? o.o

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    Re: R.I.P pugit

    AFAIK the only ways to get someone off your friend (or ignore) list is to remove them yourself, or they delete their characters. If he's a raid leader it's unlikely (to me) that the characters were deleted (though they could have been), so the logical answer is that they were in essence deleted from the server by virtue of being moved to another server. OTOH, a paid rename could accomplish the same thing.

    I don't personally know this player and have no information to base this conclusion on, just following the logic.

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    Re: R.I.P pugit

    Quote Originally Posted by BentoIce View Post
    OTOH, a paid rename could accomplish the same thing.
    A rename will change the name on your friends list but not delete it. If all the players characters are gone, that most likely means they were actually deleted. Hopefully that doesn't mean they were hacked and maliciously deleted (which seems to be a trend).



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