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    Thumbs up Namaste Is Recruiting!

    Hey Nimrods, fortunately.. Recruitment is OPEN!

    About Us

    Namaste is one of the top raiding kinships in LotRO and was the 5th kinship across the NA servers to clear all six bosses in tier 2 Hardmode in Ost Dunhoth - we take our raiding very seriously. We were the kinship that farmed the LT the most on Nimrodel back when BG was all that. Server firsts aren't just what we're all about, we like consistency. We've downed Draigoch in T2 HM (server first) multiple times. We run Tower of Orthanc T1/T2 and plan to farm the wings & Saruman until Turbine throws us a new raid!

    Outside the raids we're very relaxed. Kinchat and Ventrilo are uncensored and we never take what anyone says personally. We're out in the moors often, bringing the fight whether we're creeping or on our freeps. Our members span all the timezones of the world, from South America to North America to even Fosterz Land.

    Basically if you're looking for that tight-knit feel, your priorities lie in raiding, and you're an open minded person, then this is the right kinship for you!

    No more Radiance requirement!
    Fair knowledge of your class
    Virtues at rank 16
    Good Legendary Items
    Open minded
    Takes constructive criticism well
    Be able to adapt as the raid requires
    Ventrilo installed with headset
    Be able to communicate effectively with raid leader and members
    Minimum Age of 18
    Computer capable of running the game in a raid situation WITHOUT lag
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    Gallifrey. I need a Jelly Baby.

    Re: Namaste Is Recruiting!

    Always a pleasure to see a post from Melikae.
    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming "WOW, what a ride!"
    Continuing the never ending battle to keep Lobelia Sackville-Baggins in check

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    Re: Namaste Is Recruiting!

    WTB [Steel Lootbox]

    ####.. wrong thread.

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    Re: Namaste Is Recruiting!

    Namaste is looking for people who are serious about their gaming and are dedicated to being part of a close knit kin with team oriented goals. If you have an obsession for self improvement and a desire to contribute in the betterment of your team, this may be the kin for you.
    We ask that you have put time into your character and have a good working knowledge of your class as well as experience in working with a group as an observant and situationally aware member of raid groups. A good working knowledge of the strengths, weaknesses and skills/abilities of the various classes in LOTRO is a definite bonus, as is the ability to keep a cool head under pressure, follow instruction and react quickly to a rapidly changing environment.
    If you think you fit this description, please put in an application and talk to an officer of our kinship.
    Thanks, Olo

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    stop drink Mel, it does not lead to good...
    Ukitake! Off peak! http://offpeak.webs.com/

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    Actually it could lead to some good things ^.^

    Hey Mel!!! <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by 87_Suited View Post
    Actually it could lead to some good things ^.^

    Hey Mel!!! <3
    I agree!! It can lead to good things *wink*

    Hey ACE!!!! Miss ya bud, how's the other side??

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    Namaste is currently recruiting for a raid tank and healer. We will train if you are light on experience.
    Other classes are welcome to apply as well.

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    Why is there so many comments to this thread and yet no one wants to join this?
    It must of been that unbeatable work you put for recruiting; keep it up!

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    I hear checkmate will be posting a new recruitment thread soon =)
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    LF raiders who can play 24/7 without any life things, pst.
    Ukitake! Off peak! http://offpeak.webs.com/

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    I tried........

    The website bill needs to be paid, unless the game has died out and there is only people that is loyal to the movies. oh yea and The Elder Scrolls Online will be coming out soon......



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