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    Way too many adamants?

    Are you guys finding way too many adamants? It's not worth selling in the AH anymore. Nobody's buying on my server.

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    Re: Way too many adamants?

    I agree. I have probably about 300 adamants and 500+ beryls in my vault right now. I haven't even tried to sell them because they're everywhere!

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    Re: Way too many adamants?

    Think green garnets are the worst, stopped saving and just vendor trash them now as I've got about 300 of the things cut and banked. The problem comes from the stacks of 5 that have been dropping since u6.

    Good for skilling up the prof but otherwise mostly useless.

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    Re: Way too many adamants?

    Gems are mostly just vendor trash now. Save up what you need to level your jeweler (if that is in your plans), then vendor the rest. Prices are so low its not usually worth posting on auction house.

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    Re: Way too many adamants?

    I've had way too many adamants for years. They weren't worth selling on the AH even prior to the 5x drop rate change, but I do appreciate the extra vendor income now.

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    Re: Way too many adamants?

    Not a lot of creativity going on in this thread and a lot of complaining.

    Hint: There has to be a lot of them because they are used in consumables. (Edhelharn Tokens) We can put up with a bit of extra vender money instead of people complaining in forums about lack of mats for Edhelharn Tokens and high costs to make/buy them.

    Create Edhelharn Tokens from them. +4 Tokens are perfect for countering defeat dread. You don't need +5's for that, so send them to all your characters that like to solo. It costs 1500 Perk points to counter that defeat dread, Edhelharn Tokens are cheaper and better imo. You only need farm some Platinum to make them, with all the extra Adamants you have..

    Same deal. Create a bunch of +5 Edhelharn Tokens. They are every bit as good as the longer lasting, higher level ones and sell for decent money. You only need farm some Ancient Silver to make those tokens with all your extra Beryls. Send these to your characters that fellow a lot.

    I ask often in Kin Chat if anyone is training up Jewelry. Considering that it took me forever to level up Expert/Artisan/Master levels, those unpolished gems are a huge help to the Kinmates. Get them to make Edhelharn Tokens and give the tokens to Kinmates too. This will double up the experience gains and get them through those levels that much quicker.

    Before you know it all your Adamants and Beryls will be mostly gone and you might even have some extra cash to spend.
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    Re: Way too many adamants?

    There are a lot of gems around.

    That is why I recently leveled the third jeweler and thinking about leveling one more.

    The tier 1-3 gems are the only issue, but usually you can buy enough of those for a gold price of one-two lvl75 crafted teal pieces. And with multiple jewelers you can have much more crafted relics (= shards) as well.
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