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Thread: The oathsworn

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    There are many different styles of playing MMORPGs and maybe we are what you're looking for. We are a small kinship which is level 10 and have a beautiful kin hall in the elven neighborhoods. Our focus is on helping each other in Crafting, Questing & doing light Role-Play. We are part of a kinship alliance which can be useful if you are looking for a fellowship when no kinsman are online. We are mostly EST & CST but will accept anyone from any time zone in the world. We are not a PvP or Raiding kinship, however we are not opposed to it either and will participate if asked and time permits.

    We are a no drama, no demands kinship. We respect your right to privacy about your Real Life and will not request your real name or background. We are seeking mature players who have full intentions of continuing play after level 32-34 (the normal FTP run before you must buy new regions to quest in). You do not have to meet any requirements nor do you have to play a certain way or amount of time. We do not expel you if you don't/can't play for a long time. We do not use a voice chat system so we are really old school in those respects. If you wish to use game voice chat or whatever, we do not oppose it.

    THE OATHSWORN is not for everyone, but maybe we're just right for you. Please contact one of our main officers (either Kimiakane or Jeremiya by game mail) or simply reply to this post. Our kinsite is at www.windfolaoathsworn.guildportal.com so please visit us to learn more. Happy Hunting!
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    Bumping as we are still recruiting

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    been a bit so another bump



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