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    The prophecy (WW user event teaser)

    From the depths of the Isen river a tablet was recently recovered by the Rohirrim Knights. Scath our wise Lore-Master took it to our tower and deciphered part of it, though it was written in an ancient lost tongue. Not much could he make out at the moment but he read this aloud in our kinship house:

    "When the dragon is slain and the White tower is breached then wild and unpredictable forces will take over Withywindle......"
    "Strange creatures from the shire....."
    "....coming to the evil gates....."
    "....many slain...."
    ".....not much time....."
    "Brave warriors from Withywindle turned by magic into...."
    "Even the great White Wizard trembles at their sight....."
    "What will they do, what is their purpose?"

    We Rohirrim Legends are now working hard on deciphering the whole tablet. Who knows what it will tell us? But i am sure it leads to great treasures
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    Re: The prophecy (WW user event teaser)

    I have to say... Keep up the good work for the WW community LotR.



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