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    Coop of the Cluck hits 2,000

    I was shocked to see today that my blog, Coop of the Cluck, has now broken a total score of 2,000 -- 2,031 to be exact. Wow! What do I say to that. Thanks to all that take the time to vote on my stories. Some of you have weathered a storm over the last year with my up and down, but I'm still hanging on and the stories are still coming.

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Coop of the Cluck hits 2,000

    Glad to hear that, BIG GRATS

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    Re: Coop of the Cluck hits 2,000

    Gratz to u sir
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    Re: Coop of the Cluck hits 2,000

    I'm rubbish with that whole leaving comments/reviews thing and half the time the forums seem to enjoy mysteriously logging me off, but I do try to at least (sometimes by going back several entries) to rate the stories, cause clicking shiny stars is very satisfactory.

    Hehe, in all seriousness though, I love your stories, they're never boring and are always real and fun to read (unless they're sad stories, in which case they're not exactly funny but great still).

    So after much words, I finally come to the point of this post: big congrats on the 2,000+!

    (P.S. Wrong thread, but better this and late than not at all: I'm glad Nobuddy got to meet his daddy! Also, Bree is quite a nasty place with all those brigands around, and that poor half-starved pony. I've tried to bring it carrots and bread but I suspect that Heathertoes bloke steals it all. :/)
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